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Cab drivers from hell.

I love Andy Roddick. On Roger's French Open win:

props to fed.... thats an unreal accomplishment and puts and end to the GOAT question in my humble opinion

I humbly share your humble opinion, Andy.

I waited quite long to say this; suppressed it when he played well in the early rounds of the earlier 1000 series tournaments; suppressed it a bit when he won Madrid; but now that he's won the French, there's really, REALLY nothing else to say except -

The King is Back.

Totally looking forward to the rest of the season now. My dad told me Nadal isn't defending his Wimbledon title because his knees are injured (sorry to say but I'm not surprised. The way he plays the sport, it was really a matter of time). I would rather Roger beat him in the final and wrestle back His Rightful Trophy, but Nadal not playing, if true, just made it 99.99999999% likely that Roger's gonna break the Sampras Record this year in London. Before that, it was 99.9999998% likely.

YAY. I totally can't wait. And when he wins the US Open, my life as a Fedtard would've come full circle.



Today is officially the day of running into Dumb-As-Shit Cab Drivers From Hell.

First, when I boarded a cab at Newton headed for SCGS (where Tong played his last squash match this year), the cab driver couldn't bloody understand what I was saying. I said, "SCGS please", and he went, "Huh?" I thought maybe I spoke too fast because I have a tendency to mumble AND speak very fast (wow, what an excellent combination), so I slowed down and repeated myself, really slowly: "S. C. G. S."

The guy still went, "S what?"

The next hypothesis was, of course, that maybe the cabbie didn't know what it stood for. So I said, "Singapore Chinese Girls' School."

The guy went, "SGGS?"


I repeated "Singapore Chinese Girls' School" and the guy continued to annoy me by going, "Singapore what?"

In the end I couldn't take the polite shit anymore and I just said, very snappily, "Singapore Chinese Girls' School."

He finally got it. He wasn't very pleased when I thanked him as I got out of the cab. Whatever; not my fault you're a bit deaf.

Next, when trying to get home, Tong flagged a cab, and when I got in I was instantly hit by the oppressive, smothering heat, a brilliant result of the brainy driver's excellent decision not to turn on the bloody air-con. Tong got in after me and after spazzing for ten seconds, he told the driver to go to KAP McDonalds' Drive-Thru first, then my house, and finally his.

The bloody driver had his fucking radio turned up SO DAMN LOUDLY, he obviously couldn't hear a word Tong said. Tong had to repeat himself like three times; even told the cab driver to turn down his damn radio. Did the cab driver do so? Hell no he didn't. He continued saying, "I don't get you", until he FINALLY figured out that we wanted to go to three places.

And then he did something totally wonderful. He kicked us out of the damn cab. He was all, "Oh three places cannot. I have to do [whatever it was] at 10."

Fuck my life.

I guess the bright side was, at least we didn't have to endure a relatively long cab ride in that carbon dioxide factory, with his stupid radio blasting at top volume as if he was, well, deaf. Tong was quite pissed and I think it was the first time I'd ever seen him pissed. Thankfully another cab rolled to a stop soon enough...

But then, BUT THEN, this cab driver, while nicer than the previous one and not as deaf as the first, couldn't stop talking. He couldn't stop going on and on about some right turn and whether he could turn, and that if other cars turned, then it meant he could turn, too. I swear, he went on for about ten minutes. Just talking about the same thing. Seriously.

But it was worth it though, if purely for the sheer comedic entertainment that was Tong attempting to converse with the cabbie in Mandarin. I probably should've stepped in at some point to put him out of his misery, but oh, it was pure comedic gold. HILARIOUS. He took Higher Chinese; I didn't. Something is obviously wrong with our education system. (Oops, sorry, was that mean?)

I now know a sure-fire way to cheer me up when I'm pissed off or depressed or moody or PMSing. I'd call him up and say, "Hey Tong, talk to me in Chinese." THAT will crack me up for sure.

But anyway, despite his long-windedness, the third cabbie was really nice. Tong asked him to go for a drive-thru at McDonalds' and the cabbie was all fascinated as he'd never been to one before. It was damn cute. And I must thank him from the bottom of my heart for speaking very little English because, yeah, I couldn't stop laughing in the cab.

And I was totally late to arrive at SCGS today; was fucking irritated with the foodlessness of Raffles Place (bloody eateries close in the evenings. What the hell. Don't they know lawyers need to work late and therefore need food? Not that I worked extra late, but I'm just saying; it's a matter of principle), took an MRT to City Hall where I had to settle for some crap dinner at O'Briens ( just downstairs at my building. Fuck), just to get irritated by the two female servers, one of whom made me wait at the bloody cashier waiting to pay when I asked her how much and she looked at her colleague and then went off to help her colleague make another sandwich.

Seriously, have the decency to ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTION before you go off and help your colleague. I was super irritated at being made to stand there looking like a fool, so I grabbed the tray, dumped it on a table, and went off to Guardian to buy tissue paper (forgot to bring tissue. Worst nightmare ever). When I came back I sat down at the table and waited for them to come collect my money. Thankfully they did, or they would've had to chase after me for the money. No way I was going back to the damn cashier after that. No bloody way in bloody hell.

So I was basically irritated the whole evening, and my own dumb-ass cab driver didn't help matters. Thankfully Tong won his match, despite being up 8-1 (that's like how many match points? 7? I can't count, but it's a lot) in the deciding and giving his opponent so much chance that the scrawny dude caught up to make it some ridiculous 8-6. Thankfully he won, or there would've been two irritated individuals in a very small cab tonight. And he still said he was going to lose. HE STILL SAID HE WAS GOING TO LOSE. I feel so cheated. He totally misrepresented the outcome of the match.

Okay I'm making it sound as if I was there to see him lose. Of course I wasn't. But I was bracing myself for the eventuality of a loss and preparing consoling words in my head. Thankfully I didn't have to use them 'cause I'm not very god at these things.

His opponent had match point in the fourth though, and although the kid played really well, I felt damn sorry for him when he still lost in the end. Okay, it wasn't as bad as the demolishing last week, but losing after holding match point is like...really, really depressing. Poor kid. Oh well, too bad; someone has to lose, and obviously I wouldn't want it to be Tong.

He forgot to bring my Pepperidge Farm cookies though. If I die of gastric at work tomorrow, it's totally his fault.

Speaking of work, I wonder how much longer my refusal to drink coffee in the morning can last. Every single morning I'm falling asleep reading files. But my stomach always feels strange from having food in the morning; it might not be able to take having caffeine in the morning either. This afternoon was also quite bad. I'm usually awake in the afternoon (I'm just not a morning person at all) but this afternoon? Not so much. Maybe I was just bowled over by the two new pieces of work my boss handed to me, but gosh, I swear, that one pathetic cup of coffee I had totally wasn't enough.

I think I'm going to die this week. My boss is away for two days, but she told me another lawyer might give me something urgent to do. The word "urgent" scares me, and it scares me to death. I work better under pressure if truth be told; last Friday I finished the writ I was drafting really quickly because my boss wanted it by the end of the day. But um. Yeah. I don't know.

I'm really sleepy. I will try to sleep before 2 tonight. I haven't been able to sleep before 2. It's a psychological thing. I'm too lazy to explain.

Lastly, in tennis news, I just found out Halle starts this week. I thought Roger would have a one-week break or something before the next tournament, but...HALLE STARTS THIS WEEK. I don't think it's shown anywhere. Maybe Eurosport, but that useless channel doesn't give a shit about tennis. Bleah. At least I get to look forward to Roger winning another title, even if it's just Halle (ATP 250 series. Roger's warm-up tournament for Wimbledon).

Oh, and I came across a piece of tripe writing in the bloody Wall Street Journal about how Nadal is still King even though Roger won Roland Garros. All I can say is: Shut the fuck up. What kind of king loses to fucking Robin Soderling in the fourth round? I hate it when these idiots don't give Roger his due (Mats Wilander is another asshole. Shot his mouth off about how Roger isn't GOAT until he beats Nadal in a Slam final. What the fuck is he on? Does he have amnesia? Roger beat Nadal in two fucking Wimbledon finals. Fucking idiotic Wilander. GO FUCK YOURSELF. I'm swearing a lot because these people piss me off) despite the fact that...he's the fucking GOAT. Okay, it's debatable, but tell me, WHO ELSE in the modern era can possibly hope to come close? Pete Sampras? Sorry, he never made the French Open final, let alone win one. And um...yeah, that's about, because Pete's the only one who's won as many Slams as Roger. Everyone else who hasn't done anywhere close to the same are obviously out of contention.

Rafa is still king. MY FOOT. Right now, Roger Federer is the #1 clay courter in the world. He's been #2 for way too long; it's time he took the spotlight. It's high time he won the French Open. And for fuck's sake, he only won one; Nadal has won four. Is it that difficult to give Roger ONE trophy? Dammit.

Anyway, I hope Roger enters RG as the number 2 seed again next year. The #1 seed hasn't won the tournament in the past four, five years; in the past five years, including this year, the #2 seed has emerged champion. SO HAPPY FOR ROGER. So happy for him.

I was really amused when people I know but am not closed to saw me and said, "He won!" HAHAHA! I love Roger. Have I said that enough lately? I LOVE ROGER FEDERER.

Okay have to go save awesome pictures now then shower and stuff.



I just read this:

Roger Federer to get hometown naming venue honor

46 minutes ago

BASEL, Switzerland (AP) - Roger Federer's birthplace will rename its international tennis venue for its most famous sporting son.

Basel sports director Peter Howald said on Monday that St. Jakobshalle will be called Roger Federer Arena following a planned renovation.

Howald said the city had discussed ways of honoring the new French Open champion, who completed a career Grand Slam and tied Pete Sampras' record of 14 major singles titles with his victory Sunday at Roland Garros.

Federer is a three-time defending champion of the Swiss Indoors tournament at St. Jakobshalle. He is scheduled to defend his title Nov. 2-8.




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