anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

it's only when i sleep, i see you in my dreams

*sighs happily* Saw Joaquin again. Hehe. Well this dream wasn't what one would consider nice...I'm too lazy to go into details right now, but it went something like this: I was at this gathering thing. My 2000 English teacher (who also happened to the the teacher-in-charge of the drama society that I quit from) was um, in charge of the meeting or whatever the hell it was. She wrote some names on the board with some comments next to them. I saw my name, and beside it she wrote something like, "A great writer and contributor." Well, the meaning's there anyway.

Saw Joaquin's name on the list. The funny thing was, the teacher spelled it "Jaoquin" instead of "Joaquin", and for some weird reason, I can remember her re-writing his name. But that's not even the important part...Joaquin was in the same room as I. If something like that happened to happen to me in real life, I'd try to like, you know, talk to him, right? That was exactly what I did in the dream.

I was sitting with someone who was supposed to be my friend, and all of a sudden a man stopped next to me. He was talking on a handphone. I looked up, and saw that it was JOAQUIN! Wasn't quite sure at first, 'cause he had a crew-cut thing for a hairstyle. (In case that didn't make sense, people in the army have that hairstyle. Like River Phoenix in "Dogfight".) But when I finally confirmed that it was him, I tried getting his attention, but he seemed to be looking for someone.

To cut a long story short because my dad is getting testy about me typing this and not at the dinner table: I never got to speak to him or anything. I've a feeling he was looking for his girlfriend...could be the rumoured model, Inger someshitorother (she sucks!), or the one I read about online, this South-African named...Topaz. Anyway. I wrote in my offline diary: "It seems to me like nothing would ever go my way, even in dreams."

Oh well.

PS. I do not like The Corrs.

Tags: dreams, joaquin phoenix

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