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Much happier today.

I have thirty minutes until it's time to let David kill me gently with his songs and his voice and his sexiness and his hotness and his intensity and his talent and his being Sex on Two Legs, so let me make this quick.

Today was immensely better than yesterday. Still kind of woke up in a foul mood, but I've concluded that I'm simply not a morning person no matter how you cut it. The fact that my mood got considerably better at 9-something in the morning probably also had to do with how I was, like, totally on this David Cook high and we all know by heart how this person whom I don't even know personally has this uncanny ability to make me super happy.

Of course, after I wrote the previous entry I realised that I really had to Lawnet the shit out of my two hours in order to show my boss (neither Partner Mentor nor Associate Mentor; someone else that Partner Mentor dumped me with hahaha) some research. I did already have a few cases, but I just wanted to make sure that I didn't leave anything out.

Well, whatever it is, I have no idea if I left anything out or not. Yeah. He came by my work station at 11.30 and asked how things were going and I showed him what I had, and he saw something that was not in favour of the case and kind of freaked out and asked me to look for something else. So I spent the rest of the day looking for that something else and finish up on what I was tasked to do earlier. At 5.30 I brought my stack of cases (which I only glanced through to be honest; if I read all those cases in detail, I would've freaking fallen asleep. I am a lousy, shit-assed intern, omg) up to Boss' office (we're like, on different floors, WTF, though I'm on the same floor as Partner Mentor - I think that's kind of the point. But then I don't really talk to him very much). He was on the phone with the client so I stood outside and waited, and when he was done and waved me in, he was in the midst of typing an email about the case to whomever, I can't remember. So I sat there and watched him type his email while he asked me stuff and made small talk.

He's damn funny. He told me that they're gonna move him downstairs and asked me to help him check out the size of the empty room and tell him if it's bigger than his current room. Needless to say, I was muchly, MUCHLY amused and wanted to burst out laughing but of course I didn't. I did totally burst out laughing, as did he, when he asked me what a certain 's. 7' referred to in one of the cases. I said, "That's a very good question."

Way to go, Self. But the moment of truth, i.e. the moment I realised that, contrary to what I initially believed, I didn't totally sleepwalk through my first two years of law school, came when I educatedly guessed that it was s. 7 of the Civil Law Act - and indeed it was! Oh my god, I rule the world, totally. I was all, "Oh my god, I remember something from Land Law! I'm so proud of myself!"

Note to self: Avoid random self-congratulatory outbursts in front of people in whose presence such outbursts should never be uttered please, thank you very much.

Anyway, in the end I left the office at like, 6.50 p.m. Bright side: Train was actually NOT CROWDED. Down side: I was so hungry that I went to Subway to buy myself a double chocolate cookie when I felt myself on the verge of fainting from hunger. I wasn't going to buy one actually, then I realised it's COOKIE as in MY COOKIE and today is AMERICAN IDOL PERFORMANCE NIGHT which totally meant that I HAD TO BUY MYSELF A COOKIE AND EAT IT, so I bought a double chocolate cookie.


On another note, the second happiest moment of my day was when three associates brought another intern and I out for lunch at this amazing Indian vegetarian restaurant. OMGGGGGG. I ordered a masala dosa (they spelled it dosa on the menu though it's probably dosei right?) and I had no idea what a 'dosa' was and I didn't want to ask 'cause it would be blatantly obvious that I hardly ever eat Indian which is utterly embarrassing considering I'm, like, Singaporean and consider myself cosmopolitan (in a limited context, anyway), so I ordered that based on the words "spice" and "potatoes".

OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZINGGGGGG. It's strange - I do really like Indian food, but I hardly ever eat Indian. Why is that? I was so excited about how amazing my food was that my first thought was, "MUST TELL MOM SO THAT WE CAN COME HERE TOGETHER."

Strange, isn't it, that the first person I thought of was my mom?

Then again, that was after remembering that Mel told me about an Indian vegetarian restaurant with a similar concept - for charity, pay whatever you want. Maybe it's the same one, I have no idea.

So yes, that was my second happiest moment.

My happiest moment? Somehow I completely forgot to check Dial Idol, and when I remembered I was kind of done with my work for the day, so I sat around and read Cookie's TWoP thread (I was supposed to call Boss at 5, which I did, thrice, but he didn't pick up, so I waited a bit before I went up) and checked Dial Idol and OH MY GOD DAVID IS #1.


I had a bounce in my steps as I went up and I had to stop myself from grinning to myself like the absolute COOKTARD that I am. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I LOVE COOKIE! He used to be a bartender, right, and he had this specialty drink that he came up with that consists of equal parts jager, razzmatazz, cranberry and pineapple juice, which he called...the Cookie. OH MY GOD HE'S TOO DAMN PRECIOUS, I CAN'T FREAKING TAKE IT.

I just saw photos of his second performance, that Switchfoot song, and FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKKKKK BLACK T-SHIRT AND LES PAUL OH MY GOD DAVID COOK JUST TAKE ME AS YOUR BRIDE NOW AND STOP THE CHARADE. I love him in blazers and fancy jackets (though not too fancy please, like that horrendous white military Innocent jacket) but I also love him in simple t-shirts and a hot pair of jeans. ARGH HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I CAN'T STAND THIS GUY!! HE'S SO PERFECT I CAN'T TAKE IT.

I can't believe I have a crush on a guy from the mid-west of America. Like, where IS the mid-west of America?!

Answer: Where David Cook is from, duh.

Seven minutes to Idol! Will do another live blogging thing like last week. YAY.

I still wish he'd sung Collective Soul though. D:

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