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I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (formerly known as Obligatory Cook Performance Post)

Live blogging! For a run-down of my Wednesday, read the previous entry.

ArchuBot #1 - Can't remember name of song, don't care: Um, was he singing a national anthem? I laughed my ass off at his outfit. The tie and leather jacket? Small David can never be Big David (THE David that matters) no matter how hard he tries. The singing? It reminded me of Majulah Singapura. Also? Can we please vote Randy Jackson off? I hate his douchey annoying self.

Syesha #1 - If I Ain't Got You: Um yeah she sang. NEXT IS DAVID OMG.

Cookie #1 - The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face: I. COULD. NOT. BREATHE. THAT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. HIS VOICE, HIS VOICE OMG! He looked amazing and sounded eve better and his shout out to his mom, that wink and wave and the 'happy belated Mother's Day' - ARGHHHHHHH. DAVID COOK PLEASE STOP SLAYING ME I CAN'T DIE SO MANY TIMES!!!!

Did I mention the part where I STOPPED BREATHING? I collapsed on the couch and just started squealing, not giving a shit how dumb I sounded. Whatever, right? DAVID WAS AMAZING. And Simon loves him, hence I love Simon even more. And duh - David TOTALLY won Round 1!


Archihuahua #2 - With(out?! Can't remember, don't care) You: You have GOT to be shitting me. ArchuBot singing 'my boo'? It had the potential to be hilariously entertaining...but as is the case with everything this kid does, I was bored to tears. Not impressed, sorry.

Syesha #2 - Fever: So much more entertaining than ArchuBot and I quite enjoyed it, but instead Simon told her it was 'quite a lame cabaret performance'. I'd give ANYTHING to put her in the top 2 with my David. I don't care about her either way, but at least she entertains me the way ArchuBot never does, at least not intentionally.

Whatever, is it David yet? I hate commercial breaks!

Cookie #2 - Dare You to Move: Shit, that was like ten seconds short. The hell? Just as I was getting into it, it ended. I was also distracted by that red thing on his guitar and was trying to figure out if he was wearing the Lindsey Rose orange bracelet (still haven't figured it out) and it also didn't help that his arms in that black t-shirt looked absolutely yummy. The first performance was better, but I still had a squee moment somewhere towards the end. But dude - WTF is this song? It sucks. No wonder I don't listen to Switchfoot. I'm doubly bummed now that he didn't sing the Collective Soul song which I thought was gorgeous. D:


Archihuahua #3 - Longer: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Syesha #3 - Don't know the song: Oh my god, Syesha is HOT. Can she make the finals please? PLEASE? Get rid of ArchuBot, put in Syesha, who's 8452857452574827827522431 times more entertaining than ArchuBot. UGH.


David "Seductive Sex on Two Legs" Cook #3 - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing: I don't even. I don't. I. He's. I'm. David is.


The arrangement, the voice, the sexiness, the David Cook. He has already won the whole damn show. Diane Warren, the woman who wrote the song, was in the audience, and next to her was this blond woman. After David sang the blond woman was waving her hands in DW's face as if asking her to cool down. Before I knew it was DW, I was wondering why they filmed some random butch-looking woman who looked as if she was about to cry after David's performance...and it turned out to be the person who wrote the song.

It was just amazing. Best performance of the night, one of his best performances ever, totally erased the memory of the Switchfoot song. I LOVED the part where he got to the end of the bridge and did the "yeah, yeah, yeah" - absolutely amazing. I was half-hearing Steven Tyler in my head (it's hard not to; that song has been played ten trillion times already, hi?) and David totally made the song his own. He didn't mimic Tyler's singing and totally Cookified it and it was amazing, amazing, AMAZING. Amazing. I absolutely LOVED IT.

As usual, YouTube videos, this time from my favourite to least favourite:

I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing


First Time I Ever Saw Your Face


Dare You to Move


I'm still not feeling the Switchfoot and oh my god David PLEASE don't put out such albums, but whatever you do you know I'll buy the damn thing anyway, even if it sucks to high heavens ( impossible), but the other two performances are just amazing. I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing is fantastic. My mom only recognised it when he got to the chorus! UGH I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH. I need a clip of the recap! Totally loved how he sang it during rehearsals. I wish he'd done that for the actual performance!

Oh, that thing on his guitar is a rose.

Okay I need to go download his performances on iTunes now.

Oh shit what the hell they're not available yet?!?! NOOOOOO!!!! I really hope we get the RIGHT SONG for the studio recording this time, i.e. I DON'T WANNA MISS A THING. I actually think it's a schmaltzy as hell song which was initially redeemed by Steven Tyler, but now David Cook is its bigger redemption. I need to watch it again, and again, and again, and again!

Oh, and how cute was David's "barrrrrrrrtender"? HAHAHAHA shit his stupid pirate joke! He even did that arm motion OMG! He's such a dork I love him.


Edit at 11.51 p.m.:

jghsjghsjghaeustskghjga. Seriously. My heart just stopped beating.
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