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Aiyah can't think of a title.

Aww, my Senior Associate Boss (same dude I mentioned here) is a Cookie fan! At the very least, he watches Idol and Cookie is his favourite, and obviously wants Cookie to winnnn. YAY. Isn't that great? I think it is. <3

Speaking of Cookie, I realised that the Roberta Flack song he sang is actually called First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and not First Time I Ever Saw Your Face. What the shit kind of a retarded title is that? Cookie sang the shit out of it and I absolutely loved his performance, but I'm so glad we got I Don't Want To Miss a Thing (not 'wanna', oops) as the studio recording instead, because the Face song? Totally boring. I liked Phonics' cover, hated the original, didn't bother checking out other version while the entire Cook fandom was doing research on how he could sing the song and rock it because the song is just so boring. So boring. I'm sure I'd love it if it'd been the studio recording since I don't think anything can possibly get any worse than Hungry Like the World (I still haven't figured out WHY Cookie chose freaking Duran Duran instead of something else from the rest of the 493 songs that he could choose from), but I'm soooo glad I finally got the studio recording I want!

I'm still bummed that he sang Switchfoot. I mean...bleargh. I watched it again, of course, and it wasn't as blah as I remembered it to be, but it wasn't great, and hence I didn't like it. It was probably just good and I really didn't get the song. I mean, Switchfoot? Seriously? David's music preferences and mine are almost completely different, and the fact that he wanted to sing Collective Soul justifies the 'almost'.

Sorry, I still like 90's alternative rock best. Soooo much great stuff.

Anyway, I'm happy to announce that Cookie is through to the finals along with Archihuahua and I'm just really happy. That's all.

On another note, I was lunch buddy-less today so I desperately texted Kyle and beseeched him to save me from my impending loneliness and he obliged. It's weird, but it really doesn't feel like I hadn't seen him for a year. Is that normal/good/bad? I don't know. Lunch was fuuuun, and Kyle was totally his usual mean self. D: But to give him credit 'cause I'm so nice, he had his nice moments that I appreciated, so thanks.

Eh, I should've taken him up on his 'buy you lunch' offer when I was jokingly whining about being broke, considering I'm not getting paid for my internship. But hey, there's always next time, and when 'next time' comes, I'd insist on someplace nicer and more expensive HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, I am extremely bloated and constipated right now. I'm very prone to digestive problems; the tiniest change of environment for me causes my stupid bowels to stop working. I realise this is quite gross, but at least I'm not talking about diarrhea. So my tummy's all bloated now and I look decidedly pregnant, and I've decided that there's no way in hell I can wear jeans and a nice top for Dress Down Friday tomorrow which I've been looking forward to since freaking MONDAY, so I'm going to wear a dress, the same one I always wear, 'cause I need to hide my bloated tummy. It's uber-embarrassing if truth be told. I just drank a cup of milk - MILK! - in hopes that my slight lactose-intolerance kicks in to help me with the constipation, but to no avail. I just consumed a packet of some granules that's supposed to help and hopefully it does what it's supposed to do...but not during Idol please. Apparently Cookie was all teary-eyed again - dude needs to stop crying 'cause his crying makes me cry and I hate crying - and Andrew, his younger brother and my Facebook friend, was on stage with him! Yay so exciting, I can't wait, even though I've already downloaded the high quality videos of the results show.

Twenty minutes to Idol! Yayness.

I have Cookie's Baba O'Riley stuck in my head. OMG LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. Would love to hear a longer version of it next week for his reprise number, but I'm guessing that he'd either sing Billie Jean (noooooo!) or Always Be My Baby (noooooo!). They were both his Moments, which is exactly why I don't want him to reprise those songs. He's just not going to do them the way he did them the first time round, considering how tired he's been looking for the past three weeks and how his fatigue is showing in his performances. Poor Cookie! He should do Hello, really. Or Livin' on a Prayer, one of the only two Bon Jovi songs I like, the other being Blake Lewis' version of You Give Love a Bad Name. I can't stand to listen to the original versions of these two songs.

Cookie's LoaP is so gorgeous, it's not funny. He sang the full song during his hometown visit - David Cook, an acoustic guitar, the stage, a mic. Absolutely amazing. Ugh, I love him so much. I'd love to see him do that on Idol; it's bound to win the entire shit for him, I swear.

Okay I need to stop writing this 'cause I gotta do something else, so to conclude, I'm bloated and so full that I feel like puking, and I love David Cook.


Edited to add at 11.48 p.m.:

Currently listening to the studio recording of I Don't Want To Miss a Thing and I can't stop smiling.

Aww he didn't do Steven Tyler's high-pitched, shouty "And even when I dream of you" towards the end. That would've been wayyyyy too copycat, so I'm glad. Awesome grit in his voice at the end of the song, and ughhhh I can't believe I just heard David Cook sing I Don't Want To Miss a Thing! Not that it's a particularly special song or anything, but it WAS one of the biggest hits EVAH in the late 1990's when I listened to the radio so it does bring back some memories of my late childhood and whatnot.

Also, the results show? I knew that Cookie made the finals, but hearing Ryan say it still did something to me.

He has to win. When Ryan announces him as the winner next week, I'm going to cry so hard, it'd totally pwn that girl whose tears caused the Great Wall of China to collapse. Totally.

I'm not thinking about the fact that next week is the last time I'd ever see David on TV. Not thinking. If I do, I will cry. And I'm not going to cry one week early, sorry.

Oh, David has reclaimed his rightful #1 place on the iTunes Idol chart with his I Don't Want To Miss a Thing. I bet he's also #2 overall, but I can't check 'cause I bought Death Cab For Cutie months ago and now when I click on 'complete my album', iTunes begs me to buy DCFC's album. Just - no. Even if I do, I'm not buying from iTunes, the anti-competitive shitheads that won't let me transfer the bloody songs that I paid for to my mp3 player without first burning it to a CD. I hate iTunes.


Edit #2 at 12.18 a.m.:

Freaking love the rock star grit in his voice for I Don't Want To Miss a Thing. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

But why does it fade out at the end when he's doing the high notes? Ugh.

But - ABSOLUTE. LOVE. Love how he puts his David Cook stamp on the song. I've listened to him so much over the past three, four months that I know his vocal quirks by heart: he does this thing where, at the end of the last note of a line of melody, his voice drops a note. Does that make sense? I don't know how to describe it, but yeah, he does that A LOT. For Everything I Do, for his Analog Heart songs, it was VERY evident in Optimistic to a Fault, and now for the verses of IDWTMAT. Steven Tyler's voice goes up one note, and David's goes down one note.

Gah. I love him.

I really need to sleep. Was up until 1 a.m. yesterday watching IDWTMAT like ten trillion times and couldn't wake up and was sooo out of it the whole. I'm gonna sleep after I play the song one more time. Just once more, I promise.

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