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And yet.

I had that Switchfoot song that David sang last week stuck in my head the whole morning, and since I know only two lines of that song...I probably drove my mom nuts singing the same two lines over and over again. On a happier note, I now have I Don't Want To Miss a Thing stuck in my head, which I played like five times at 1 in the morning before going to bed because I just couldn't get enough of the Awesome. Some people have analysed in rather excruciating details how overworked and tired his voice sounded on that song, but honestly, I don't hear any wear and tear. He's still perfect to me (vocally, that is) and his voice can honestly, honestly sell me anything, even crappy pop/rock songs like that Switchfoot one that I'd never listen to unless it's sung by David Cook.

Can I also add that I continue to be baffled by the people who want him to put covers on his post-Idol album? Because...three months of David Cook covers is enough to last me forever. I WANT DAVID COOK ORIGINALS, and NOTHING BUT DAVID COOK ORIGINALS. It'd be nice if we can get Baba O'Riley as a bonus track on his CD, but that's about as far as I'm willing to compromise on my no-covers principle.

I really really wish we'd get to hear his second album, the one he completed before Idol happened. There's this track on the album called "We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping" and I can already imagine the potential awesomeness of the lyrics that David can no doubt deliver, and oh my gad, I want to hear it. So intriguing.

David also reportedly lost the coin toss so ArchuBot's going last, which means David's gonna have to work a bit harder for his rightful title. Also, the coronation song is reportedly/rumoured to be this really shitty one that I thought was the worst of the twenty songs entered into that songwriters' competition sooooo...sigh.

Still, I'm unusually and uncharacteristically confident that David - my David - is going to win. Usually I take great pains not to go on record saying that I want the outcome that I want, and instead I'd go on and on about how it's not gonna happen; but for some odd reason, I've come out of the closet a long time ago about knowing that David can, and probably will, win this. Um, I hope I haven't jinxed it for him.

Ooh I just watched this interview and he's just hilarious. In response to whether there'll be any surprises for the finale, he was all, "Well, all my songs will, uh, have a melody and probably some form of instrumentation, and uh, I'll come out singing into a microphone. I'll probably be wearing clothes. How was that for a surprise?" And of course he says it with a straight face in a way that only David Cook can pull off.


(TMTH = too much to handle.)


You know what's mildly interesting? The senior associate for whom I'm currently doing research seems to think that my fumbling around the black hole that is Lawnet has unearthed some pretty helpful cases for him. He told me a couple of times that he'd rather "use [me]" (um, "use"? Really?) than this other associate who apparently found him crap. Friday morning he and his boss, my Partner Mentor, came into the office when I was already there (because I am an idiot and I reach at like 8.20 every morning) and they said hi to me en route to PM's office, and I said hi back and turned back to whatever it was I was doing, and I heard the senior associate say, "She's good."

I burned two hours in his room on Friday, as usual, and he told me that he told PM that I've found him useful stuff. In that moment I wanted to say, "Thanks, but I think you might have wasted your energy, considering I kind of told your boss that I wanted to write instead of practise (practice? shit) law."

Amazingly, I managed to keep my mouth shut. I don't think I need another person in that firm to know that I'm not going to stick it out in the profession for the long term, if I'm going to stick it out at all. Besides, Senior Associate may think that I've helped him unearth things he can copy and paste from (kidding lah), but I wouldn't be surprised if he thinks that I'm an utterly useless law student. Over the four days that I've subjected myself to the torture of Lawnet and Westlaw and Lexis for him, he's learned, inter alia, that I got a C for Company Law, and that I thought that Macaulay drafted the Evidence Act.

With regard to the latter, in my defence, I did Comparative Crim Law and the name 'Macaulay' was consequentially ingrained into my subconsciousness. So when he asked me offhand who drafted the Evidence Act, the first name that came to mind was 'Macaulay'. Of course I knew it was Stephen, but can I help it if Comp Crim was interesting and Evidence was not?

Also, he didn't believe me when I told him that I did Evidence already because he asked me to read some stupid provision in the Evidence Act and I didn't know what the fuck it was talking about. I also took forever to read three sentences from some case because the second sentence was so damn long that I didn't bloody understand what it meant.

I HATE THE LAW. I cannot comprehend, for the life of me, how it is that people can get off on this thing. It gives me a headache and I hate reading cases and I really don't want to help some big corporation crush a man on the street and I'm sorry but it just doesn't gel with my ethics at all, to put it pretentiously.

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I've been burning two hours of my afternoons in Senior Associate's room for at least two days already and I'm really enjoying it. Because, you know, I don't actually have to do anything? Hahahaha. Obviously there's the part where I show him what I stumbled on while fumbling my way through Lawnet in utter darkness, but that's about half the time. The other half is kind of spent watching him answer emails, draft replies, talking about random stuff like, you know, David Cook (<3), so it's quite fun. The other day he received an email from a client and he was about to forward it to his boss but he stopped himself and said, "Wait, if I email this to him he'll call me and I want to leave."

I just completely burst out laughing. Like, really, really hard. Like, I almost couldn't stop. He's a riot.

Despite all the good vibes though, I'm not really having fun doing the work. I don't hate it, but I really can't see myself doing any of this at all. Or rather, I can see myself doing it since I'm interning and all and so it's not that much of a stretch of the imagination; but I just don't want to do it. The research, reading cases, manipulating dicta and holdings to fit my doesn't make me very excited, if it makes me excited at all.

Bleah, I don't know. I want to swim before I go out 'cause I'm eating so much and my jeans are getting tighter and I'm fat, and I've flogged the decomposing horse way too much this month already so I'll just shut it.

Before that, can I repeat something?


Vote for David Cook. Gizmo, landline, text messaging, whatever. Just Vote David Cook. Thanks.

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