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Dial Idol: Let's be clear - DialIdol is definitively predicting that David Cook will win American Idol. No ifs, ands or buts about it. No crazy margin of error claims or anything. The DialIdol scores are significantly different enough to wash all that out the window.

This comes as a bit of a surprise to me given that David Archuleta "knocked out" David Cook during the performance show so before you decide to skip the results show tonight you might want to consider that I myself will be watching with the usual uncertain anticipation that has become habit for me! got slammed pretty hard last night by lots of fans trying to see DialIdol's predictions. Page load time was in the neighborhood of 1-2 minutes from 9pm - 1am. Sorry about this. Sometimes it seems that it is easier to predict who will win American Idol than it is to predict how much traffic DialIdol will get. :)

Let's see what Simon has to say tomorrow when the fucking confetti is raining down on David - COOK. Dial Idol hasn't been right 100% throughout the whole season, but it has correctly predicted the winner for every season since it came into existence.

Sorry Idol, your bus-throwing backfired - DRAMATICALLY. Simon's (must be scripted) comments only served to fire up Cookie's immense and immensely dedicated fanbase to vote like they've never voted before for ALL of four hours (and beyond).

This means only one thing: If ArchuBot is declared the winner tomorrow, I will believe whole-heartedly that American Idol is rigged. I've heard a lot of conspiracy theories over the years but never gave a shit about any of them, never believed anything, and never believed, for even a second, that Idol could be rigged.

Therefore, if Cook doesn't take this, American Idol is rigged. I just don't believe that Dial Idol is suddenly "wrong" on Season 7 when it's been right since it started doing predictions in like, Season 3. And I know this because I checked obsessively during the weeks leading up to the finals.

Honestly? Dial Idol was like, the one thing that saved me from severe depression the whole day. Seriously. It's sad, I know, but whatever. Cookie is just...I have no words.

Also? If Gizmo works, Cookie got 1627 votes from me. I got through a grand total of two times via regular dialing and power-voted via IM 65 times (1 IM = 25 votes). Yes, I'm quite proud of myself.


Will bitch and rant about Simon's comments later after I watch the show. I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR DAVID'S COLLECTIVE SOUL SONG.

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