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I was in court the whole day today right? And we all know that today is the day a new American Idol is crowned right? And Channel 5 shows the finale live right? And since I was in court I was without a TV and a computer with Internet access right?

At 11-something a.m. the judge took a break and I immediately whipped out my phone and frantically started surfing the net, knowing full well it's gonna cost me a bomb. My hands were literally shaking so hard and my palms were so sweaty that I had difficulties navigating my phone's web browser because I couldn't press the buttons properly due to the shaking hands and sweaty palms. I Googled David Cook, turned up nothing, then finally googled American Idol news.

I clicked on the first result and started reading really fast. The headline gave nothing away and my heart was seriously and literally thumping in my chest, so damn hard, I COULD HARDLY BREATHE, and I scrolled all the way down and saw the words "Archuleta stepped to the side" or something along those lines, FREAKED THE HELL OUT, scrolled back up - and saw, with my very own eyes, that David Cook won American Idol.

I swear I almost started crying in that bloody court room. I was so happy, so absolutely stoked, it was quite honestly the first time since I got my A Level results that I wanted to cry so badly of happiness (yes I cried when I got my A Level results. Lame, I know).

I would say I can't believe it, but I totally, totally believe it. Didn't I say after Top 3 night that he'd already won the whole thing? Didn't I say a few days ago that there was just no way he wouldn't win? I am so glad Idol isn't rigged!

I haven't watched the finale and I CAN'T WAIT to FINALLY see the confetti fall not only on my favourite contestant, but on my favourite musician, period. He's so deserving, so talented, and I'd rather have all his dreams come true than my own.

Today is the BEST DAY EVER.


I'm probably gonna write my love letter to David after I watch the show, so in the meantime, I'll just like to say that today's trial - the morning portion at least - was soooo exciting, OMG.

Simultaneously I felt bad for the witness who was being cross-examined, and there were actually a few moments where I thought, "OMG, awkward." It totally gave new meaning to the word 'adversarial' and it got to a point where I found it really uncomfortable to watch. Have I mentioned that I hate confrontations? I just want everyone to get along. Why can't we all get along?

He actually said 'yes' to quite a number of 'put' questions and I think he conceded a pretty huge point, at which point the associate turned to the partner with her mouth agape. Seriously! Even I, subpar law student who thought that Macaulay drafted the Evidence Act, went, "OMG HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!" in my head. I felt really bad for him 'cause he was getting quite agitated and I really just wanted all of us to get along.

('Put' questions: Basically a contention by the adversarial side that you're never supposed to say 'yes' to. The cross-examining lawyer would say, "Mr X, I put it to you that you are lying when you say that David Cook is not the most amazing thing since sliced bread." If the witness says "yes" or "I agree", obviously he's admitting to being a liar - which is obviously not good. I hope that made sense. I explained it really badly I know. I suck at law, remember?)

I'm so not meant to do this lawyer thing. But in any case, before the boring technical details started in the afternoon the trial was quite an eye-opener and I'm glad I got to see it. So yay!


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