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Stop Twilighting my awesome vampire show.

I'm honestly quite amazed that I spent the entire afternoon doing all sorts of things but watch the latest episode of True Blood. I'm still enjoying the show but this current season - season 4 - hasn't been as gripping as the previous seasons. I find myself getting slightly bored in the middle of an episode, especially during the Lafayette/Jesus (Mexican, not English) storyline.

But what's perhaps the biggest downer of the season, at least for me, is the ridiculous romance shit between Sookie and Eric Northman. I know from reading message boards that there are a lot of True Blood fans who want to see them together and for some reason completely unknown to me, actually hate Sookie/Bill (wtf is wrong with these people); and I suppose this storyline is the producers' way of satisfying the fans without completely compromising on the characters. I say this because Eric has been fucking amnesiac the whole season, after a witch cast a spell on him. Due to his amnesia, he has been the complete opposite of who he used to be: he's now all sweet and gentle and kind, as opposed to the opportunistic, ruthless vampire in the preceding seasons. He's also conveniently holed up in Sookie's house, which makes it easy for him to run to her in the middle of the night after he had some stupid nightmare and weep in her arms.

Oh my god, this fucking romance is completely Twilighting the shit out of what used to be an awesome, no-holds-barred show about vampires and all things supernatural. To top it all off, in episode six Sookie runs through the woods in full moon looking for her brother, but the minute Eric shows up, she forgets all about her brother and starts having sex with Eric. In the fucking woods. Under the full moon, in fucking Bon Temps, where the supernatural (like, you know, fucking werewolves) roam and wander.

OH MY GOD PLEASE STOP TORTURING ME WITH THIS. I want the old Eric back. The only saving grace so far is Sookie's Gram warning her that this situation with Eric is only temporary, and since Gram is dead, the advice had to be true. They're really killing me with this. But at the same time, I bloody appreciate that Eric has to go all amnesiac before they could be paired together because Sookie hates the normal Eric, and I would lose all respect for this show if they pandered to the fans and really went there.

At this point, I don't care who the hell Sookie is with. At this point, I'm just so sick of her not having her priorities straight. I've not disliked her, until now - until she let her BEST FRIEND run out of her house thinking that she'd chosen a vampire over her. What best friend does that? Tara complains a touch too much sometimes, but she's the BEST FRIEND. Sookie doesn't even seem to give a shit, which is really quite a shame because the Sookie/Tara friendship was one of the many things that I loved about Season 1.

Sigh, Season 1. After watching almost the entire series so far, Season 1 is still the best. It was so tightly-plotted and well-paced and coherent, and the characters made sense; their motivations made sense. There are now so many storylines that it sometimes feel as though the characters are on different shows. My favourite storyline is actually the Dallas plot in Season 2, but unfortunately that season was marred by the stupid and overly long maenad storyline (which pay-off was pathetic; the last episode was very anti-climatic).

Anyway, this rant has been longer than I originally intended for it to be. On a happier note, omfg, after 6 weeks of Roger-less TV, he's finally coming back to my TV! Midnight on Supersports HELL YESSSSSSS.


I had lunch at the Indian restaurant in Raffles City with my mom today. Wow, I ate so much, as usual - fish methi (which I pretty much finished by myself) and a paneer mahkni, plus saffron rice and two plain naans. YUMMYYYY. I always eat a hell lot when I eat Indian but I'm still amazed by the fact that I can eat so much. The curries are always very rich and strong, which is why I love Indian food in the first place; but it also means the food is very filling. Mostly, though, I just can't freaking get enough.

Wei Chuen finally texted me at 2 p.m. in Taipei, complaining that it was very humid there. Hahaha. I think I might have given him some wrong information; I said that it's hot in summer, but dry. In all honesty, I haven't been to Taipei so late in the summer in years, so I really don't remember what summer is like over there. Besides, all this global warming and climate change have probably made it hotter/more humid than it used to be anyway.

I know it's only been 5 months since my last visit, but I suddenly miss Taipei all over again. What can I say? It's my city. Sometimes I feel more at home there than I do in Singapore.


Lastly, I must say that this rioting shit that's been happening in London and other English cities is breaking my heart into ten million pieces. I felt genuine sadness when I first heard of it from Wei Chuen. London is one of my favourite cities in the world. I know that The Clash has a song called London's Burning which I like, but fuck, I don't want it to literally burn. Just fuck off already, fucking hooligans. They're an absolute disgrace to the British population. Sure, hooliganism has always been rampant, especially in soccer culture; but fucked if I give a shit about that. I love the dainty aspects of British culture, and I fucking love London, so I hope all these idiots who have been destroying shops (owned by ordinary businessmen, for crying out loud) and setting fire to buildings get arrested and thrown into jail where they fucking belong.
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