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Ugh, David.


FUCK!!!!! OMG WHY IS HE SO NICE? Halfway through I almost started crying again (this is really kinda getting out of hand) but thankfully I didn't. He used the words "relationship" and "us" in relation to him and his fans (WHICH LIKE TOTALLY INCLUDES MEEEEEE!!!!!!!) which is soooo totally the sweetest thing ever, and videos of him talking to his fans are going to be a frequently-occurring thing.

OHMYGAD OHMYGAD OHMYGAD HE'S THE BEST FAMOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!! I feel so pampered as a Cookie fan. Can you imagine a constant supply of videos of Cookie talking to me? LIKE OH MY GOD I WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS.

Also, he's apparently dating Kimberly Caldwell who was on Season 2 of Idol and is hosting Idol Tonight. Apart from how OMG I WANNA DATE DAVID, I think it's really sweet and she has bloody disgustingly awesome hair (and not just because of her bangs) and I totally "aww"ed at the video of him asking her out to dinner before the finale. So sweet! I can't stand it.

Lastly, David Cook is on my MySpace and I think it might actually be him. I mean, it is him, but I added him without even freaking out over it 'cause I was labouring under the assumption that he has some Idol minion adding friends for him...but now I think he might actually log in to his official MySpace and perhaps even approve friends requests (from time to time at least).

I added a comment on his page after watching the video 'cause I was so touched and I couldn't help myself, and now I'm like, "OMG WHAT IF HE REALLY READS IT????" I love David to death, and even though I constantly go off about wanting to have gorgeous babies with him, the truth is, I'd much rather admire his music and him as a musician from afar and I don't want him to know I exist at all. This doesn't really gel with the fact that I wrote him a letter (and I sent it), but a part of me was counting on the chance that the letter might get lost in the mail, or that he somehow misses it amidst the 425716546828562265867298254265365757312356629562 letters that he's received, or some stray dog ate it up, whatever. I can't really handle knowing David Cook personally, or having David Cook know that I exist. It's just...TMfuckingTH. Seriously.

David needs to release his second solo album; I am going into I Need New David Cook Songs withdrawal. And you know what? I LOVE THE STUPID IDOL CORONATION SONG. The Requisite Song of Cheese Sicced on the Winner of American Idol is stuck in my head and I CANNOT stop singing, "This is the time to be more than a name or face in the crowd." AND the song contains the phrase "magic rainbow." SERIOUSLY.



On the work front, today was actually not as unproductive as usual. I was given this divorce affidavit to do yesterday but because I am Yelen, I had close no fucking clue what I was supposed to do. I started on it at around 3 in the afternoon and took ages flipping through the affidavit and the documents, and when I was done I realised that I had no idea what my mentor wanted me to do. She called me to ask me about lunch on Wednesday and I took that chance to ask her what she wanted. She explained, I was all, "Oh okay!", we hung up, and fifteen minutes later, I realised that I really shouldn't have said "oh okay", because there was no "oh!", and it was definitely not "okay".

Somehow though, I ended up talking to Vasudha until like 6.15 p.m., and by that time I wanted to go home, so I was all, "Aiyah tomorrow lah."

So today arrived. I went to work, looked at the documents, and still had no idea what I was supposed to do with them. I called my mentor but she wasn't in, so I took her secretary's advice and emailed her.


In the end I pulled out random documents and my table was littered with documents and it was quite an unsightly mess. It's not gonna be fun tomorrow when I attempt to put everything back in place, and I'm definitely not looking forward to that.

It's my last day tomorrow and I can't believe that I will be in London this time next week. TOO AMAZING TO BE COMPREHENSIBLE, OMG, AND I STILL HAVEN'T FIGURED OUT HOW TO STALK JULIAN BARNES.

Speaking of Julian Barnes, OH MY FUCK I BOUGHT HIS NEW BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's $58 HAHAHAH shit, his books keep getting more and more expensive. Arthur and George was like $3 cheaper or something. Yes, they're both hardcovers. How can I not buy a Julian Barnes book the second it comes out, right?

I was soooo excited when I held the book that I couldn't stop grinning. I'm such a dork.

Okay, I'm super tired. I'm going to shower and watch Cookie then sleep!

Oh yeah, I was supposed to tape David Cook and the rest of the Top 10 on Larry King Live this morning but my brother wanted to watch his useless NBA so I couldn't tape my Super Important Cookie Interview in the end. SHIT. Thank goodness for YouTube; otherwise, my brother would've totally got it from me.


ETA: HOLY SHIT! The Requisite Song of Cheese, Time of My Life, is still #1 on iTunes! I thought it'd be knocked off the spot by now since it's been a while since he won, but IT'S STILL #1.

I am soooo proud of him!

I just watched a video of him performing The World I Know on Ellen and I got all choked up - again. David Cook + The World I Know = Lethal Weapon That Completely Annihilates Yelen.

Lastly, I love how he says "play" a song and not "sing" a song. I LOVE HIM, PERIOD.

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