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Sleep would've been preferable, thanks.

I was sleeping peacefully this morning and dreaming about someone ordering a hard copy of Analog Heart online (obsessed with David Cook? Me? No way) when my mom came in and told me that I had a call from someone from the law faculty's dean's office.

WTF? In my 3/4-asleep stupor I listened and tried to digest what the caller was telling me, something about me submitting a special consideration form for Infocomms and how I had the option of keeping my Infocomms grade or declaring it incomplete, in which case I'd need to re-take an elective.

WTF? At the back of my mind I was wondering if I'd failed Infocomms, but I was so sleepy that I didn't really care and just wanted to go back to sleep. The caller, though, nicely told me, "In case you're wondering, you didn't fail Infocomms."

But because I was SO SLEEPY, I genuinely heard, "In case you're wondering, you failed Infocomms."

That totally woke me up. I was all, "Sorry, what? I failed Infocomms?"

The caller went, "No, you didn't fail Infocomms."

"Oh, what did I get then?"

"You got a C."

...Wow, that is really, really unexpected, /sarcasm. I told the caller as much in reply, and the call ended off with her saying that I needed to email her back with regard to whether or not I wanted to keep my Infocomms grade by Monday. She also added that I "did reasonably well", which made me unable to sleep anymore, but it was 10 in the morning and the results were only released at 12.

In any case, I've already checked my results resort to a too-convenient Singlish phrase, "it's like that lor." They're not mind-numbingly horrible, and neither are they jump-up-and-down screamingly great. The kind of odd thing is, I think my reaction would've been decidedly different if I had this kind of grades in Year 1 or Year 2. Although I was kind of freaking out a bit (though not even 10% of the extent to which I was freaking out every week for David Cook when American Idol was in season) over the past few days whenever I was reminded of the release of the exam results which was way too often than I would've liked, I'm not really that excited about it. I mean, the lack of A's was definitely glaring (have I mentioned how I tend to have a bloated opinion of myself?), but after two seconds of "oh bugger, no A's this sem!", it just didn't matter anymore.

I don't know, maybe I'm running on too little sleep or something, maybe I'm just talking out of my ass...on second thought, I think that's it.

But anyway, enough going-nowhere incoherence. I thought I'd decide whether to retake that stupid elective after I see the rest of my results, which I've already done, and since I post my grades every semester because I just don't give a fuck who knows my grades and I don't see why people feel the need to hide these things, here they are:

Chinese Legal Tradition And Legal Chinese: B
Infocoms Law: Competition & Convergence: C
Comparative Criminal Law: B-
Islamic Law: B
International Law & Asia: B+

I have no idea how in the world I managed a B+ for that lousy shit South Thailand paper where I wrote a lot about absolutely nothing. In terms of undeservedness, I'd say that totally takes home top prize. I don't know, I mean, we all know the story of how David Cook completely took over my life, to the extent that I was barely keeping up a pretense of still caring about school, and there was so much more I could've done with that paper but I didn't, and I literally wrote it in less than two days, and it sucks, and now I'm convinced that I must take another S!mon T@ay module.

Bldhfasghasgas shit should I re-take that stupid elective? I'm assuming they won't make me re-take Infocomms and that if I choose the option, I'd be doing an extra module in the new semester or something. Is it worth it? On the one hand, I get the chance to get rid of a C on my transcript, and for someone who has way too many C's to count, that can only be a good thng.

On the other hand, AM I REALLY TO DO SIX MODULES NEXT SEMESTER? Oh my gad. That's assuming I do the 5 four-credit modules thing again, which is highly possible 'cause I've just proved that sit-down-in-school exams are so not my thing. But what if I can't find a sixth module that I can tolerate? Considering how I kind of maxed out the fluffy, useless modules in last year, I'm not sure there will be enough fluffy, useless modules for the coming semester for me to take.

And of course, I'm only going to take fluffy, useless modules. It's not like my future employers give a shit either way, and I don't see why I should put myself through the torture of doing "substantive" stuff like, I don't know, banking or whatever, when it's highly likely that I'd be putting myself through the same torture for the next few years. The only difference? I'd be getting paid for the latter, and I'd be paying for the former (i.e. getting shit-assed grades).

Okay, what was I talking about? Right, the re-taking thing. I wish I had forever - or at least more than 3 days - to decide, but I don't, so...




I kind of have lots to say but I haven't had lunch and my mom just came home bearing food so I'm gonna go now.

I just want to state this for the record before I post this: I miss Mag with all my heart and soul, and I cannot wait to see her in Europe. Love you.

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