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Okay I really can't think of a title.

First, can I just say that David's unreleased and untitled upcoming album that only has one confirmed track on it so far (the Song of Requisite Cheese, officially known as Time of My Life) is currently #18 on Amazon's bestsellers' list? Would I be awfully off-base to predict that it's going to a matter of time before he bags that #1 spot for an unreleased and untitled album?

Like, for real? DAVID COOK FUCKING RULES THE WORLD, and I am soooo proud to be a foaming-at-the-mouth Cooktard. HA!

Since I'm talking about David, I'd just say for the record that I'm slightly perturbed that he seems completely smitten with Kimberly Caldwell. Granted, I know nothing about her except that she was on Season 2 of Idol and that she hosts Idol Tonight or whatever, but...and I hate to sound so calculating and superficial, but she's a freaking D-lister, for goodness sake (and D does not stand for Dean's). He can do SO much better. It'd make some sense if David hadn't won American Idol since KC supposedly dates Idol rejects as frequently as she changes her clothes, but since he actually, like, won, I think the only person that traded up here is Kimberly.

Okay, I'm such a horrible person. I think I should be glad that David Cook is obviously not a horrible and arrogant snob like I am...which I am. Glad, that is. It's always nice to see traits in your heroes and idols that you know objectively that you should have, like humility and graciousness (David doesn't seem to mind at all, and he actually seems to want it, that the other David tags along with him sometimes on his TV appearances) and...what's the proper word for 'lack of arrogance'? David's obviously not a snob which is really endearing, or maybe he just doesn't see himself the way I - and 99% of his fans, I'm willing to bet - do. To me, he's freaking David Cook, which actually means something; to himself, though, he's David Cook, which he's been for, like, his whole life. Of course he doesn't think he can do better than Kimberly Caldwell, so more power to him, really.

I'm not like totally squicked out by the relationship and I don't dislike her at all, and I like Kimberly wayyyy better than Lacey Schwimmer...but I just find it a bit perplexing that he's so smitten with her, purely because I'm a horrible snob like that. Oh well. Whatever makes him happy though, for what it's worth.

Have I mentioned, though, that Kimberly has freaking nice hair? She has bangs - good taste! - and okay, so it makes sense for her hair to be all straight and nicely layered since she's in the biz and whatnot, but FUCK, the number of body parts I'd freaking sell to get my hair to look like that. The bangs are looking better now that they've grown out a bit, but my hair has this stupid chronic inability to just be straight and not curl at the ends. It's horrendous and I hate it.

And that's completely unimportant, I know.

But since I'm talking about my hair, I'd just like to let everyone in on my inner struggle on whether or not to keep the bangs, with which I have a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, I really do think that I look kick-ass with bangs - otherwise, I totally wouldn't have stuck with this hairstyle for like, close to two years. (The other reason? I'm boring and too lazy to think of a new haircut. Did I mention I'm boring? I'm also woefully unadventurous.) On the other hand, I freaking look 16 with this haircut. It's not like I don't already look babyish enough without the bangs, you know? Much as I'd like to be in denial about turning 22 in July, I'm not really keen on looking 16, for the quite-simple reason that...hello, I want to date older men, not teenagers!

I hate making these life-changing decisions about whether or not to change my hairstyle. What a mind-boggling issue, right? I totally think so too.


Anyway, I was just thinking that if I'd really failed Infocomms, I would go out and celebrate. Seriously. Because I was half-afraid I'd fail it considering I did zero research for the research paper, I had no idea what the fuck the course was about, I just got hit by Bell's Palsy and I had to suddenly sleep at 12 and my stupid left eye dried up after staring at the computer screen for five minutes, not to mention how the medication for the Bell's made me VERY worn out. Maybe I didn't fail because I submitted that special consideration form, but if that's the case, how come I get to take another module and give up my Infocomms grade?

In any case, I'm genuinely wondering what it'd take for someone - me, you, him, her, them - to fail a law school module. It seems infinitely more onerous than getting an A in law school. I've had non-law people asking me if law school is difficult, and my answer is always, "It's easy to pass, but difficult to do well."

Next time I'd add this to my answer: "It's notoriously difficult to do badly."

Because it is. Honestly, a part of me cannot believe that I actually passed Infocomms. I don't think it's possible for me to stress enough how I absolutely had NO. FREAKING. CLUE. what went on for the entire course, and did I mention the part about my paper having a grand total of seven footnotes? What kind of half-assed research paper has seven footnotes? Even when the caller from the Dean's Office told me that I didn't fail, I was expecting to hear that I got a D or something (is that a fail? OMG, what IS a fail?), so imagine how shocked I was when I was told that I got a C.

I'm aware that I shouldn't be happy to get a C, but you have to understand that it's in the context of Infocomms. You know how I absolutely had no freaking idea what went on in Contract and how I absolutely HATED Company Law with every fibre of my being? Well, Infocomms was a combination of the two: no idea what went on, hated it with every fibre of my being. Research paper was a major WTF AM I DOING OMG I WANNA DIE. I'm not bragging about the pass or insinuating that OMG I'm so smart for not failing a course that I didn't understand and didn't put in any effort in's just a pass. No one normal and in her right mind brags about a pass, and I'm way too arrogant to ever brag about a pass. (If I'd aced it though, then yes, I'd be bragging until the freaking cows came home and mooed for the entire night.) All I'm saying is that I'm genuinely surprised that I didn't fail. Although I worked to get a C and was pretty much resigned to that fate, a part of me was legitimately afraid that I might've completely flunked it.

Whatever it is, I am SO GLAD I didn't fail. It'd be nice to make it through law school without failing anything, which I'm doing a masterful job of right now, so hopefully it stays that way.

I'm sure that it will stay that way though, because I honestly cannot see myself getting any more slack or indifferent or not bothered about school and my classes than I was for the entire Semester 2 of Year 3. It wasn't about me not liking my modules; I obviously liked them (minus Infocomms) since I picked them. It was really a matter of me not caring because I invested almost everything I had in David Cook. Yes, I'm actually being serious here. David Cook >>> Law School, and I just didn't care about anything else school-related beyond showing up for classes and making sure I met all my deadlines; doing the bare minimum, in other words.

In that limited context, my grades are quite surprising. I was slightly afraid that I'd be staring at a string of C's when I checked my results, so I'm glad that I only got one C, AND that I have the option to get rid of it. Of course it'd be nice to get all B's, even nicer to have a few A's thrown into the mix, but I know the amount of work I did and to expect anything more than what I got would just be utter delusion on my part.

So to that extent, then, my grades are completely expected and I deserve what I got (except for ILA/South Thailand paper. Honestly, it was shit and I would've given myself a B- at best). I can't complain about not getting better grades for the modules that I should've been right up my alley, and so I won't.

So yeah Year 3 has really ended and oh my god what the fuck I can't believe I'll be DOING PUPILLAGE THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, but since we're talking about a year later, I'm going to, as usual, put off the freaking out until we get to the time for me to freak out. Always the procrastinator, huh? Totally.


Wow, someone on David's TWoP thread linked to a blog post of mine in which I linked to scans of Analog Heart's liner notes, to which I'm too lazy to link right now. I was like "WTF" when I saw the 300 hits I received today and naturally checked it out and...yay for heavy traffic! I'm a bit embarrassed now about all the OTT Cookie fangirling I've done over the past don't-know-how-many-months, but oh well.


In other news, my internship ended on Wednesday and I spent my night with my awesome! JC friends, namely Mel, Pei, Khai, Yuenmei and Tingren. We met at NYDC Suntec (nice throwback to our Hangout of Choice in JC - HAHAHA. I wouldn't go to NYDC with anyone but them, honest) where we totally laughed our asses off bitching and gossiping about old classmates. Even though I was so tired that I could've fallen asleep, I was surprisingly high enough on fatigue not to fall asleep.

Some things never change. The usual topics keep cropping up, territories well-treaded and marked, and the reaction is always the same. Hyenal (just pretend it's a word, please) laughter of hilarity, awfully sore cheeks, and a few instances in which I'm literally quite unable to catch my breath. Jurong Junior was many things to me: it was a wake-up call, it was the best thing that ever happened to me (I seriously doubt I would've made it to law school if I hadn't ended up in Jurong), but above all else, it was where I made some of the best friends of my life, and it's these friendships that I wouldn't trade anything for. We don't have to meet every day or SMS each other constantly and we just pick up from where we left off when we do meet. And it's great, and I love them all.

We should do it more often! I felt a bit left out, though, when they were talking about their Arts friends, but that's to be expected. And it made me realise how different our lives already are, and how divergent it's going to be in a year's time. But I still love them all the same, and nothing's ever going to change that.


But you know I meant every single word.


On the internship front, contrary to my initial expectations (if you recall I wasn't exactly jumping up and down in giddy excitement about interning), I had a fucking blast, OMG. I don't even know why, you know. It was just fun and everyone was so nice and I made friends with Year 2s, and Vasudha started her internship when I was finishing my last three days and hanging out with her was lots of fun.

I'm not even sure if I did any real work, to be honest. I mean, the associate that likes David Cook told me that he didn't do any research at all for the opinion he was writing and that he relied completely on my research...which kind of freaked me out. I mean, I am ME, hello? And I wasn't kidding when I said that my "research" consisted of me fumbling through Lawnet and trying to make out my surroundings in total darkness. But anyway, for what it's worth, that was about the only real work I did so the rest of it was quite slack.

Maybe that explains the having a blast, eh? I just can't help being lazy.

Anyway, I'm running away from the fact that I'm going to have to decide where to do my pupillage sometime after I come back from Europe. I'm notoriously indecisive, and this decision is, quite honestly, one of those things that I wish I never have to make. Would I be more content to have the choice made for me? Probably not, but it'd definitely be a lot less painful, for sure.

Ah well. Once again, I'm going to put off thinking about it to until I absolutely have to. Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.


It was my brother's birthday yesterday. I wasn't planning on getting him a birthday present 'cause I was too lazy and I didn't know what to get him, but when it transpired that he'd only get a Levi's shirt from my mom if I didn't get him anything, I totally caved and spent an hour of my five-hour shopping spree looking for something to get him.

My mom, brother and I went to Jewel Box for lunch after my brother suddenly mentioned that he wanted to see Mount Faber when we were on the way to Vivo City. My mom parked at some super far away place 'cause she didn't want to park at the coach parking area, so we had to walk quite a bit to the restaurant. Yucks, but hopefully I burned some calories?

Anyway, I embarked on my mega shopping spree at Vivo after lunch. I was literally on my feet from 3 to 8 and I was SO. SMASHED. when I joined my family at Din Tai Fung (I freaking LOVE the vegetarian dumplings OMG amazing stuff) Raffles City for dinner at 8ish. I bought two dresses and a top from Forever 21 and a pair of flats to wear in Europe. Not really a huge loot or anything...unless I'm forgetting something. I'm pretty sure I'm not. I thought Mango was having their summer sale already but nooooo! I was so sad, as I was really looking forward to buying the $110 dress that I saw which I didn't buy ''s freaking $110. I don't really remember what it looks like but I'm sure I'll know it when I see it, just like the Rule of Law.

So it was my first shopping spree in months and I felt soooo good afterwards. Seriously, shopping is the best exercise on earth. I'm quite intense when it comes to shopping - I walk for hours on end without sitting down, and as everyone knows, I walk quite briskly. What fantastic exercise, right? I totally think so too.

In the end I bought my brother a shirt from Esprit at Raffles City. I was almost sold on a FCUK shirt but it wasn't really that fantastic and the quality seemed quite shit, not to mention the design was like every other t-shirt he owns. I almost bought him a polo-T from Esprit but there was no size L on the rack and I was too lazy to bother with the hassle of asking for a size L, so I chose this kick-ass white t-shirt with narrow black stripes complete with cool-looking buttons. Damn nice, OMG, I have such fantastic taste.

Okay, I have to pack for Europe!!!!!!!! so that's all for now. I still love David Cook loads, by the way, and in the two-hour gap between me writing this and me writing the first part of this entry, his unreleased and untitled post-Idol album moved up three spots to #15.

Coldplay, watch out. David Cook's gonna pwn your ass in NO TIME.

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