anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Off to Europe!

I'm off to Europe in a few hours and I'm freaking stoked. Packing, however, was a major pain in the ass and unsurprisingly I think I packed too much but FUCKKKKKK I don't care anymore.

I'm really bummed, though, that I'll be living in a David Cook vacuum for the next 20 days. So sad right? I totally loved the Idolatory interview with him though. It was actually insightful and actually, gasp, talked about, gasp, music. I'm so sick of all the Kimberly Caldwell nonsense (um, I didn't get into David to hear about his love life which I don't really care for) and whether or not he was surprised he won, and if I have to hear the story about how he stood in line with his brother at 5.30 a.m. in Omaha when it was raining to audition for American Idol, I'm going to stab myself in the eye. So thank goodness for Michael Slezak and Jessica Shaw! I regret not watching any of the Idolatory videos now.

I have to eat dinner and shower before I go and there's nothing much to say anyway, except I have decided to opt for Incomplete for Infocoms in what's probably going to be a futile bid to pull up my stupid grades, so hopefully I get to do something slack and totally ace-able in the coming semester. Any chance to get rid of a C is a good thing in my book, so it really should've been a no-brainer...and would have been a no-brainer if I weren't as lazy as I am.

So yay! See you guys in 20 days! Hopefully I won't be too jet-lagged when I reach London tomorrow.

Tags: david cook, europe, europe trip

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