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1. My parents are being utterly ridiculous re. the Europe trip. They just found out that I'll be making my way to the hostel from the airport by myself, i.e. no one will be picking me up, and they're freaking the hell out about it. They're afraid, inter alia, that I'd get lost, be cheated by some conniving English bad dude, did I mention the part about getting lost?, know what, I don't even know. They're demanding that I email my two friends in London and ask them to pick me up from Heathrow, never mind that my bloody flight arrives in London at 5 in the freaking morning. I mean...seriously. I'm not so thick-skinned as to ask someone whom I'm not extremely close to to go to the damn airport at FIVE IN THE MORNING to pick me up when I CAN VERY WELL MAKE MY OWN WAY TO THE HOSTEL, because I CAN READ ENGLISH, I HAVE A MOUTH, and I HAVE EYES. Ugh.

1a. To make matters worse, last night my mom was all, "I'm coming along!" NO MOM YOU'RE NOT COMING ALONG. My dad thinks I'm missing the point, but HE'S missing the point. Newsflash, I was born in 1986, which makes me 22 this year, which makes me bloody old. How long do they want to follow me around for? How long do they want me to follow them around for? It's utterly ridiculous and I'm so exasperated that...ugh. I don't even know.

2. Law school, pupillage, I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M EXPECTED TO MAKE A FREAKING CAREER CHOICE IN TWO MONTHS' TIME. I just found out that they sent out the pupillage directory and of course my shitty life would have it that the firm I'm 50% set on applying to offers the second-highest starting pay amongst all the firms that I looked at. Which means...I don't really need to intern this May anymore. Ugh.

3. I'm starting work tomorrow and I'm not dreading it exactly, and a part of me is glad that I'll be doing something halfway productive, but I'm also lazy, and so I'm not exactly jumping up and down about it. But I'll just take it as a positive experience and enjoy it anyway, because I have decided to harness the power of David Cook FTWness in everything I do, which involves adopting his positive attitude towards the things he does. Which is a good thing, no? So I'm not annoyed about this.


5. There's something else I'm supremely annoyed about but it's not exactly meant for public consumption so I won't write about it.

Okay, I'm talking to Chloe and Rui on MSN now so I'm not that annoyed anymore. Friends are better than therapy, and I miss everyone! Can Chloe and Mag come home now so that the four of us can get together for a much-needed bitching session please? I miss my friends!

I was at my grandma's today for Mother's Day lunch or whatever, and yeah, nothing much went down, except I saw my baby nephew for the first time in months and WOW. The first thing I thought? "Oh my god, he has David Cook's forehead!!"

Quite clearly I'm in way too deep when it comes to David. And, okay, my nephew's forehead isn't half as huge as Baby David's cranium, but he (nephew) does have a pretty big head. My mom and aunts were all talking about how big his head is, and apparently his dad/my cousin (the one that taught me Math in JC for those who know that my cousin taught me Math in JC) also had a large forehead when he was a kid. HOW ADORABLE IS THAT OMG. My baby nephew is so adorable, I can die. Seriously.

I think I'm a horrible, loveless, emotionless, and cold-hearted human being.

Then again, I cried while watching David's homecoming so I can't be that heartless of a human being, right?

But I think, to some extent, I've lost my ability to empathise with people. I let my own cynicism and experiences cloud my assessments of other people's problems - especially the romantic ones. In fact, I'm only referring to the romantic ones. Whenever people tell me they're going through rough patches with their boyfriends, my first response is, "Just break up lor. It won't last anyway."

Okay, I'm in no condition to talk about this in great depth right now 'cause I'm on MSN and we all know how distracting that is. I also need to shower and sleep ASAP, since I have to wake up at some ungodly hour tomorrow, sadness. Oh shit I still need to rip more Cookie songs into my mp3 player, not to mention Phonics' Pull the Pin!

I need to stop putting off things that I need to do. And yes, ripping Cookie and Phonics songs into my mp3 player counts as a thing that I "need" to do.


Edited to add: Does the 'busy' status on MSN NOT deter people from talking to me anymore? If so, WHY THE HELL IS THAT?

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