anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Fangirl freak out, oh my god.


I just discovered that my fandoms COMPLETELY collided!

Stereophonics did a cover of the song that Simon picked for David to sing on Tuesday!


This song is, quite frankly, utterly boring, but wow. I just listened to Phonics' version, and...I am so, so sorry, Kelly, for vastly underestimating your singing abilities! I remember I said something before about how I loved Kelly's voice but wouldn't call him a 'good singer' the way David is a good singer, but...I totally take that back. He sounded amazing singing this song and I honestly never expected Kelly Jones to sound soft and pensive!

(Side note: I just got electrocuted by my laptop. WTF.)

I'm betting that David isn't going to cover a cover. He hasn't done someone else's version of a song after the stupid Covergate nonsense. But since I'm daydreaming, oh my god, if David covered Stereophonics' cover, I will just DIEEEEEEEE. Maybe from there he can check out Stereophonics' music and sing MAYBE TOMORROW!!!!! And he can totally fall in love with Stereophonics which will TOTALLY make me the happiest fangirl in the world!

The comments on that YouTube video are all about David though. HAHAHA.

Okay I have to leave the house in ten minutes or I'm going to be really late to meet Kenneth, and I want to watch this video of David's radio interview (the one where he choked up? Yeah) but I can't right now so I'm gonna post it here so that it'll be easy for me to find later when I come home. Yay.

Guh, still can't get over the Stereophonics cover of that First Time I Ever Saw Your Face song. Kinda lame I know but oh my, it made me sooo excited.

Also, the live feed from last night showed a short recap of David's journey on Idol. And um, I kind of cried.

There is a hell lot of dust in my room.

Tags: david cook, kenneth, stereophonics, videos

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