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I love the Internetz!

I'm, like, so totally watching David's homecoming live right now, it's not even funny.

I can't wait until he does his mini concert - which, by the way, is free, and all 10,000 tickets were snapped up in like, three hours. UGH HE'S AMAZING.

The mini concert is at 11.30 a.m. Missouri time and it's 6-something a.m. there right now, and it's 7.44 p.m., so if my math is right...the concert will be at...12.30 a.m. Singapore time.

Yeah, I'm quite all right with that.

Also, totally love the Internets because I had this, like, totally awesome MSN conversation with Chloe yesterday that was, like, totally hilarious and awesome. Did I mention it was, like, totally awesome? Because it was. I miss Chloe! Can all my exchange friends come back now?

Oh shit my stupid Faux News page just refreshed itself. UGH DON'T DO THIS WHEN DAVID IS ON, PLEASE. THANKS.

I cut my hair today and I fucking hate it. My fringe is too short, it's cut like straight across, and the next time I cut my hair, I'm definitely getting rid of my bangs.

I've been saying that, a few months ago, and here I am, with my stupid bangs, still. Sigh.

Chloe asked me when was the last time I cut my hair, and I was all, "It was the week when David sang Little Sparrow." (That was Top 9 week, by the way, and we just had Top 3 week.)

I remember this because that was the week he debuted his new haircut, and I was all 5 and going, OMG DAVID AND I ARE TOTALLY MEANT TO BE 'CAUSE WE CUT OUR HAIR IN THE SAME WEEK!

Okay I think David's arriving in the studio soon and I've been waiting ever since I randomly clicked on the link (6 p.m.) so yup that's all for now! Expect more brainless and insane fangirling in a few moments.


9.03 p.m.:

So freaking glad I watched the live feed. When he said he's singing a Collective Soul song, I freaked out. Never heard the song before in my life, but dude, it's COLLECTIVE. FUCKING. SOUL, thank you very much. I'm going to listen to it on YouTube once it loads!

Simon picked a Roberta Flack song for him, The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face. Who's Roberta Flack?

David looked kind of tired though, and wasn't as high energy as I expected. But god, he's so articulate, it's disgusting, and he used the word "enthralling". He also said "organised chaos".


I hope he wasn't looking at the live chat 'cause...yeah, kinda embarrassing.

Also, I kept trying to get the freaking Fox 4 weather dude to give me a fucking shout out but he NEVER ONCE MENTIONED SINGAPORE when he was rattling off the countries that the people on the chat are from. UGH! Seriously, when I'm all patriotic and OMG I'M FROM SINGAPORE!, I get ignored. Patriotism is so not my thing.


9.15 p.m.:




Hopefully he keeps the cello, and if he does, hopefully it comes through during the show.

And I've concluded from cyber stalking David Cook that Fox News = The Weather Report.

Why does Fox even bother?


David Cook: "I was lucky, and I refuse to not acknowledge luck in the whole process."

Have I mentioned I love this man? And I love his Baba O'Riley so much it's not funny. HE'S AMAZING.

Also, if this music thing doesn't work out (i.e. when hell freezes over), David Cook can read me the freaking weather report whenever he wants. His weather report? Best. Weather. Report. Ever.


9.32 P.M.:

Question: Do you have a girlfriend?
David: Nope!



Simon's pick for David.

Yay for Simon picking, but I listened to half the song and switched it off. Not my cup of tea - at all. Um, I prefer David's own pick, though I'm a bit worried about how it's gonna come across on that stupid pop show. It's a beautiful song and I can already imagine David singing it...but I thought the same for Innocent (not the beautiful part, but I did think it was a solid, catchy, good song) and that didn't turn out very well.

Ugh, come on David, it's only Friday! Why are you making me freak out so early?

Someone on TV just said David has nice skin. Of course he has nice skin!


9.54 p.m.:

He's on the RADIO. "I feel like...Big Brother! I can't do anything without it being shown on TV." (On being followed by a helicopter.)

Aww David can't spend Mother's Day with his mom. D:


10.29 p.m.:

David, talking about the support he's shown in Kansas City (his hometown), TOTALLY CHOKED UP. Oh my god, I love love LOVE him.

"I'm here on a mix of hard work and opportunity." UGHHHHHH.

"It's been a mixture of being who I am and having the right songs, and I definitely did not see this [coming]."

"Those lyrics talk about just, no matter what, there's always going to be this love between two people." (On Always Be My Baby)

"I kind of fell backwards into the show..."

I seriously love the Internet right now.

"They know more about David Cook than I know about David Cook. It's a trip." Awww!

He's the sweetest guy in the world. I can't even. I have no words.

Need a transcript of BOTH radio interviews now.


10.40 p.m.:

Oh my god he was reading the live chat. OH MY GOD. I hope I wasn't fangirling without my brain in my skull when he was reading it!


10.56 p.m.:

David posted something in the live chat which, of course, I missed despite being on the freaking chat since 6 p.m., because LIFE HATES ME! D:

Davidcookinkc: Hey guys, this is actually David Cook, Just wanted to say that I owe you guys the world, and I'm hoping that I'm given the opportunity to try to pull that off
Davidcookinkc: HEY GUYS!!!! I had a minute to say hi. Thank you for all the support! - David Cook

OMG he wants to give us the world? David, that's really sweet, but all I want is for you to kick ass at what you do and be HAPPY! And not so tired, please. He looked tired throughout the interview and it broke my heart!


11.27 p.m.:


Thank goodness for YouTube, seriously.


12.02 a.m.:

I'm still waiting for David. At least the venue where his set is held is playing some nice Wallflowers songs. Good. I approve.


12.14 a.m.:

Ugh. I'm falling asleep. It's tiring sitting in front of your laptop for six hours.

Where's Daviddddddd. DAVID COME OUT NOW.


12.54 a.m.:

I waited SO LONG to listen to him sing TWO SONGS, both of which were covers, and I couldn't even watch/listen properly 'cause my WMP kept buffering. In the end I listened to the first two lines and the last two lines of Always Be My Baby. What the fucccckkkk.

But oh my god. When the feed was actually working and I could actually, like, see his face no way, it was so obvious that he was overwhelmed by the support and the outpouring of love from all those people. I just...this probably makes no sense, but I really feel really, really happy for him. He's truly an amazing person with an amazing talent, an amazing heart and soul, and he deserves all the success and happiness in the world.

Have I mentioned he's so articulate that it's disgusting? He apologised for crying on the radio show earlier on, and he was all, "There was dust in the room." And he said, "Saying 'thank you' at this point seems trite but I don't know what else to say..." Can't remember the rest of it but I was just...despite having come so far on the show and knowing, at some level, that many people are super in love with him, he was still so overwhelmed by the love and support of all his fans.

Watching him on that stage, talking to the crowd with his acoustic guitar strapped around him, and then singing those songs, it was so gratifying and humbling, and inspiring. I truly think he's an amazing person right now. I mean, I've always thought so, but at some level I was aware that what I see and know of David is filtered through the media and the Idol machine and whatever else. But watching how overwhelmed he was and how humbled he was and just his natural reaction to this whole thing, him getting choked up on that radio show, somehow these filters have fallen to the sidelines and it's just David Cook for all that he is. And it's such a wonderful, amazing picture and I truly think that he's a wonderful, wonderful person. He wasn't kidding when he said that he wears his heart on his sleeve; he couldn't hide his emotions at all. And I find that so refreshing. I find him so refreshing and refreshingly honest and candid, and so, so articulate and smart, so self-deprecatingly funny, and I really wish that more guys could be like him. I'd be stoked to find a guy half as amazing as he is, honestly.

And the way he tried signing autographs for everyone when he navigated his way through the huge crowd after his concert? I really hope that fame and success don't change him. He'd get used to it for sure, but I hope he doesn't become some arrogant jackass or whatever. I don't know, I can't really think right now. I'm overwhelmed, really. He's just so amazing, both as a musician and as a human being.

He sang Livin' on a Prayer and Always Be My Baby. I was really hoping for some Analog Heart songs but oh well. Livin' on a Prayer was absolutely beautiful. Always Be My Baby would've been beautiful if I'd heard more than four lines of it, so I'm just waiting for people to put it on YouTube.

And he looked great. He wore a blazer and god, that look is sooo good for him. He had that handkerchief hanging out of his pocket again which is still totally WTF?! but it's something that he's done for a while now, and so it's just David, and so it's adorable.

I love his man so much. Can you tell? He makes me smile and he makes me believe that there's hope for the rest of us. I'm going to stop typing before I start crying and I'm going to bed. They're streaming the rest of his homecoming which includes a parade (!!!!) but...yeah. It's kinda late. And I'm really sleepy. And the feed sucked. I'll just YouTube everything in the morning.

Ugh. I'm going to start crying. Why does he affect me so much? I want him to get everything he wants. He deserves it all for being so amazing. He should even date Mandy Moore, seriously. (He said, "I find Mandy Moore to be so attractive, it's disgusting.")


1.18 a.m.:

David's third song is American Woman. By, like, Lenny Kravitz. (Or if Lenny covered it, whoever did it first.)

Ugh. Stupid, STUPID Idol producers. David's pick is my favourite of the three.

Still, can't wait for Wednesday! I'm confident that he's gonna blow the competition out of the water, 'cause he's David Cook.

I love him so much. Can you tell? So. Much.


1.31 a.m.:

When I asked him to chat online, he didn't hesitate. He just pulled the keyboard toward him and started typing. He thanked his fans. And, spent several minutes chatting back and forth. (What David Cook is Really Like)


Actually, I'm glad. What would I have said? DAVID I LOVE YOU. I do want to know what he was thinking when he decided to burst his listeners' eardrums when he ended Let Go with that horrible screeching noise, but I don't think he would've had the time to respond anyway.

I'm so sleepy I have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'm really going to bed now and hopefully dream sweet dreams of David! Hahaha.

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