anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Davidddddddd. <3

Oh my, I just found out that David was a frat boy. He was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa, whatever that is, when he was in college.

<3 Frat boy + rocker = really funny mental image, hence <3.

I downloaded his iTunes performances already but I haven't watched them, and I still don't want to watch the show. I'm actually quite assured that he's safe this week (although tomorrow morning I'll be freaking out for sure while I wash my face and wait for my laptop to boot) but I read about how Randy Jackson was, once again, humping ArchuBot's leg on national TV and I'm just disgusted. I also don't want to see Cookie sad and down and frustrated and all the negative things people have said he was last night because I'm pretty sure it'll break my heart, at least a little.

But oh, how am I supposed to stay away from David Cook? I can't, and so there's no use trying at all.

Okay. I'm really trying to muster up some whatever to read my notes but arghhh I've been reading the same thing OVER AND OVER and I'm so tired of it. This bloody exam couldn't end SOON. ENOUGH.

Will be updating this space at 11 with more David Cook OMG fangirlings. I, like, totally can't wait?

Tags: david cook
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