anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

why chinese new year rocks

1) It's my new year.

2) I like being Chinese.

3) I can wear new clothes.

4) The food is just...great. Coconut biscuits and all. Just...divine.

5) Red packets! Red packets! That contain money! Oh, yes!

6) Two days off from school. Need I say more?

7) Did I mention the food? It's great. Mandarin oranges. I hate oranges, but Mandarin oranges (from Taiwan especially) rock my boat.

8) Great programmes on TV. (Well, usually anyway.)

9) I got about $400 worth of red packet money last year. Always a good thing, trust me.

10) Just because, okay?

Next Tuesday. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention this in the previous entry. That old woman I bought the towels and the tissue from? She said 'bye' to me before I left. Aww, how sweet. If only I knew how to speak Hokkien...

Tags: being chinese, chinese new year
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