anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Before American Idol, David Cook was already a Rock God.

I woke up to the most amazing sound in this world and I kind of just died - again.

Pre-Idol David on acoustic guitar, singing a song I've never heard before which can only be a song from his second solo album whose release was put on hold by Idol.

I was actually seriously thinking that I could totally throw David under a bus and write him off if his post-Idol album completely sucks. When I say 'completely sucks', I mean if it sounds like Nickelback and Daughtry - especially if it sounds like Daughtry. I wouldn't be able to help myself from calling him a sell-out because we've all heard his pre-Idol originals and we all know that they sound NOTHING like Nickelback and Daughtry, so if he were to change his musical style so drastically, it'd be for one reason: to make money. And I'm sorry, but I just cannot get behind that at all.

This video, though, has assuaged my fears a bit (have I mentioned I spend wayyyy too much time worrying about this guy?), if not a lot. The song is fabulous and his lyrics tore my heart apart.

Second chances pave the way to broken hearts
This is the moment where I tell you that I'm falling apart
I'm stuck in reverse between the same damn lies
Tossing pennies making wishes to make it right
Another lonely day, another lonely night
I would give anything if only you would pick up the phone

Who can possibly bear to break David Cook's heart? I bet that girl is totally kicking herself now, but thanks for freeing him up for the rest of us who can actually appreciate him!

His voice, his music, his lyrics - I have died. Again. Please David, don't become Daughtry v2 when Idol is over. Please please please. You're so much better than he could ever be.

Tags: david cook, videos

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