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Another crappy entry.

Cookie/Idol ramblings:

So it's the infamous Top 4 Shock Boot next week, and although I spend every week worrying about David, this time around I'm kind of on the verge of freaking out. In fact, I'm not going to rest easy for the last remaining weeks of Idol 7 until David wins it all. I really wish the show would just stop now and crown him the winner already because, oh, this constant worrying is making me age faster than I'm already aging, and I feel ridiculous getting all worked up over freaking AMERICAN BLOODY IDOL.

But he's David Cook and he's amazing and talented and so it's really not my fault, thank you very much.

As much as I hate the stupid Daughtry comparisons and think that none of them are justified, I can't help but also see flashbacks of Season 5 when Daughtry was booted in the Top 4 slot. I mean, back then I was all, YAY THAT POSEUR IS OFF MY TV! and so it was more joyous than shocking. But if this were to happen to Cookie, I'd just die. I'd be looking like Daughtry did when Ryan told him that he was going home, bulging eyes and shocked face and everything.

I really hope that 1) there won't be another stupid shocking boot; and 2) that if there's still going to be one, it'll be ArchuBot and not Cookie. Booting Cookie on Top 4 night wouldn't really be THAT shocking, since Daughtry did it first; but if the Bot gets the boot, I swear jaws around the world will drop and no one will say "I totally saw that coming" (unless they're frequent Idol conspiracy theorists, but those people aren't really normal) because he's been getting full-fledged producers' pimpage since the very beginning. The same cannot be said about Cookie at all.

I hate this stupid show. I blame Andrew for the current anxiety I'm undergoing; if he hadn't dragged his brother to his own audition, David would never have tried out, he would never have appeared on Idol, and I would never have spent the past two months talking ad nauseum about David and, by extension, the stupid show.


I still hate American Idol. I HATE IT. I hate how I've watched since Season 3 and my OMG stark-raving favourites never win. Sure, Fantasia won S3, but I only liked her after my favourite - Jon Peter Lewis, and yes I'll go off to hide my head in shame after this - got the boot. And yeah, Taylor won S5, but I wasn't super into him and only liked him because Daughtry sucked and Taylor was the most entertaining out of everyone. I loved Bo Bice in S4, and he was runner-up. I loved Blake Lewis last year, and he was runner-up too.

THIS STUPID SHOW BETTER REWARD ME THIS SEASON BY LETTING MY FAVOURITE WIN. And David isn't just a mere favourite; he's the favourite to favourite all other favourites, he ranks up there with my BSB/Silverchair/Joaquin Phoenix/Jay Chou obsessions, and he's already more than an Idol contestant to me. And in my humble opinion, he's the best Idol contestant EVER. I didn't even want to become so invested when I started watching this season, but David just had to blow my socks off (thanks, Kristy) every week and just had to be so flipping amazing and brilliant, not to mention adorable and hot, so it was pretty much a done deal from the get-go, really.

UGH. He has to win this. I know I once said that I didn't want him to win because of the crappy Idol single, etc, but I've long since changed my mind. Not only is he truly the most deserving contestant in Season 7, "second places [has also never carried him] home", and the "silver [will definitely leave him] longing for gold". If David wants it, he shall get it - and he's proved, week after week, that not only does he really want this, he deserves it as well.



I really need to lay off the caps.

Anyway, I kind of just realised that it's been a while since I last talked about my face. So basically, I look normal and I've more or less regained normal facial functions and everything.

However, despite the veneer of normalcy, the truth is, my face is still a bit fucked. When I stick out my bottom lip (which um, I do a lot) or smile really widely or raise my left eyebrow or do anything with my face at all, I get this annoying vibrating sound in my left ear. It's been like this for almost six weeks now, and I told my neurologist about it the last time I saw him (six weeks ago, thereabout) and he said that it's normal.

Is it normal for it to persist for SO FREAKING LONG? And not only that: my eye muscles are still about 15% asleep; when I narrow my eyes (which um, I do quite a lot too) the muscles around the left eye involuntarily start twitching.

Of course, they're not really that big of a deal and thankfully I look normal and can wear contacts etc, but they just bug me. It's been so long already and it's still not completely gone. The hell? My mom brought me to the TCM doctor yesterday to see what could be done but he said that I didn't need to take any more gross medicine and that I should just let nature take its course.

Fuck nature. You suck, Nature. Can you stop torturing me and HEAL MY BLOODY FACE ALREADY? I've been a very good girl this year and I think I deserve to be rewarded, thanks.

Oh yeah, for some stupid reason my left eye feels like something's perpetually poking it, and when I go to the mirror to check WTF's going on, I don't see anything in my eye at all. WAH LAU EY.

Okay, no more talk about my face; it just pisses me off like you won't believe.


Legal Chinese exam next Thursday. I don't even know what time it is hahahaha.

I wanted to print out the notes like last week, but for some reason the Computer Clusters were not in operation, and I went to the library just to discover that there's a grand total of ONE pathetic printer in the whole damn place. ONE printer for about 3245285 documents. LIKE HELL I WAS GONNA WAIT THAT LONG.

Hence, I decided, Fuck the printing; I'm just going to copy out everything from the Powerpoint slides.

And so that's what I've been doing when I'm not busy drooling over David Cook pictures online. I figured, since I need to practice writing Chinese anyway, what the hell. It seemed like a great idea at first, but it's so tedious and laborious and it's increasingly looking like the dumbest idea ever.

This has been my slackest semester ever and I kind of loved every minute of it. Hopefully next semester I'll get a two-day week HAHAHAHAHA. I kind of want to do a directed research for the simple reason that I don't feel like putting myself through the torture of doing modules that I don't give the slightest shit about, so hopefully that will help me get the two-day week timetable I so rightly deserve!

I can't wait to get out of law school and graduate already and finish pupillage and get my licence and take things from there. Theoretically I don't want to do pupillage at all, but even I'm aware of how stupid it is not to finish what I start, so...yeah. And it's really too late to drop out, so whatever lah.

Oh yeah. My Chinese sucks. I'm embarrassed.


I need money. I want to go to Tulsa end July to see the Idol tour. Why Tulsa? Because it's Cookie's adopted hometown. I want to go to the bars he worked in (Rehab Lounge and the Blank Slate - yes, it scares me too that I actually know and CAN REMEMBER these things) and then stalk him after the Idol thingy is over and get him to marry me!

And also, what the fuck Stereophonics, why aren't you guys playing in the European countries I'm going to in June?!?!?! I'M DEVASTATED. They just added a few more shows and they're playing in Switzerland on June 5. YEAH REALLY HELPFUL CONSIDERING I'LL BE IN LONDON. 7 and 8 June - Germany. I'M NOT GOING TO GERMANY AT ALL. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? If they were scheduled for France on those dates, I'd somehow make it a point to go to Normandy from Paris just to see them!

But oh, they're not, and so my life sucks. I'm sad.

Okay I have no idea what I'm talking about anymore, so I'll end this crap entry with: I'm soooooo glad I'm not emoing about the nonsense I was emoing about this time last year!

No, wait, here's the real conclusion: I LOVE DAVID COOK.

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