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Because I'm absolutely rubbish at studying/concentrating, I found myself on YouTube searching for Stereophonics and Cookie stuff.

1. Oh my god, music video for It Means Nothing!

I know it's like a serious song and a serious video, but the only thing I could think of throughout was: "Oh my god, Kelly is so hot. Oh my god, I love his hair. Oh my god, he's so hot."

2. Dakota live on BBC or whatever:

UGH I FLOVE THIS SONG TO BITS AND PIECES. During the "wake up call, coffee and juice" verse, Kelly finally noticed the camera and he looked into it and gave this SUPER CUTE FACE OMG. Have I mentioned he's so hot? Javier is supposedly singing too but I couldn't hear his voice at all.

Kelly looks like he's wearing silver guyliner. OMG. Faint and die.

Ugh I wish I'd met him in Singapore!

3. I finally watched the video of Lionel Ritchie wanting to release David's version of Hello as a single.

If I'd known that it ends with a short segment of David's reaction to the Lionel Ritchie call, I would've watched it sooner. He was asked about the call and he was like, "Um, something like, 'Hey it's Lionel Ritchie', followed by me not talking for like, five minutes." He ended it with, "It's Lionel Ritchie, dude!"


4. I finally listened to the original Hello:

I kind of needed ear bleach after that, and the video is cheesy as hell so I needed eye bleach too. Needless to say, oh my god, David is a genius, and I never, ever want to hear the Ritchie version ever again.

Also, some fan met David at the Las Vegans Cirque du Soleil Beatles thingy and posted pictures, and OH MY GOD. Those pictures? They were self-take pictures. You know that thing where you stand really super close to your friend and stretch out your arm and hold the camera as far away from you as humanly possible and take a picture of you and your friend by yourself?

That fan got that close to David and I'm so jealous! Why do I live in Singapore? I wonder what he smells that I mean I wonder what cologne he uses that requires his body heat to turn it on! (Better not be Davidoff Cool Water oh my god.)

The words "David [Cook]" and "body heat" should never, ever exist in the same paragraph ever again.

Oh yeah, back to Teh Hotness that's Kelly Jones. I recently watched the music video for Doorman on YouTube just to see what's so controversial about it, and wow. Like, wow. Kelly's sitting in a chair in a hotel room, hands tied behind his back, and I really shouldn't think this, but that image and Kelly's hotness and the song playing in the background made it inappropriately hot.

But then it turned weird when Kelly was kidnapped and dumped into the boot of a car and it stopped being hot.

Okay, I really need to study. Two more things:

1. Some David Archuleta fan left me a comment in the previous entry telling me that she hates Cookie, as if I gave a shit. I hope she wasn't trying to get a "OMG HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT DAVID COOK IS THE BEST!11!1ONE!1ONE ARCHULETA SUXXXX!111INE!" response out of me because I think my time is better spent drooling over David instead of "defending" him to random people who happened to come across my blog and somehow find it necessary to tell me 1) they love Archuleta; and 2) they hate Cookie. Mileages vary, and apparently so does intelligence (oops, is that mean?) so whatever.

2. I freaking hate the weather. It's so damn hot and every afternoon I'm sweating buckets in front of my laptop while trying (unsuccessfully) to study. What the fuck, seriously, the weather is DISGUSTING.

I really need to study.

Tags: david cook, rant, singapore, stereophonics, videos

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