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Bloody STUPID people and their shit.

I bitched about this elsewhere, but it's too shockingly hilarious not to document here.

In this video of ArchuBot getting rattled by a dolphin, David is seen swatting Jason Castro's hand in the background. When I first saw it I was like, "Haha, so cute! That totally reminds me of David hitting Jason when Jason was tying up his dreads in the AI Extra Top 8 video!"

So imagine my shock and speechlessness when some total moron posted the following in David's Television Without Pity thread: "In [the dolphin video], what was DC doing to Jason? I'd like to believe him not having a bad character, but it's hard when the evidences point to the contrary."

I mean, there's criticising a singer for not liking his music or his voice, and then there's making baseless accusations about his character based on a video, shot from a distance, without sound, that is less than a minute. To accuse David of having a "bad character" because he swatted Jason Castro's hand in a soundless, low-quality video is just asking to be torn apart. Seriously.

I was gonna ignore it at first, but the moron followed up with this: "I'd be convinced that they were joking around, if Jason did not go away immediately looking upset."

Wow, he/she can see Jason Castro's expression in that video? Amazing eyesight! I scrutinised that video for, like, ever, just to get a clear view of Cookie's gorgeous face, but all I could see was grainy blurriness!

I posted a response along those lines to the moron, and then the fucker reported me on the troll thread, saying, "I don't know. It's hard to say anything negative when the thread is all about super fans. My eyesight and my character are in question, apparently."

What the fuck? As if the fuckhole isn't a "super" ArchuBot fan him/herself.

That person is obviously not a troll, so it must mean that he/she genuinely thought that Cookie's action in that video was worthy of discussion - which only underscores that poster's lack of intelligence. I can't think of any other explanation for why anyone would conclude from a low quality and soundless video without any context whatsoever that someone is of "bad character", AND genuinely expect people to discuss it. What am I supposed to say, I don't think David has bad character because it looks like he's just fooling around?! That poster would just go, No, he hit Jason's arm really hard, so it shows his bad character. And where would this "discussion" lead to, exactly?

What a complete moron. That poster is also totally slobbering after ArchuBot and he/she has been bashing Cookie in his/her posts, calling Cookie a "loser" for allegedly thinking that Natasha Bedingfield wanted to meet him during last week's results show when she went to hug ArchuBot. For the record? David stood up and clapped FOR ARCHUBOT, not because he thought Natasha B wanted to meet him. Anyone with eyes and the power of rewinding YouTube videos can see that clearly for himself.

I mean, seriously, you can choose to bash David and prop up your little Fetus if that's what you like, but if you want to say something negative about David, at least think about whether or not it's intelligent. Of course people are going to ridicule you if you come into a David Cook thread - which, admittedly, isn't a fan thread, but it's pretty much being taken over by fangirls of all ages and sizes - and post something negative about him without an intelligent basis for it. Earlier on the same idiot accused David of having "bad character" based on this interview, which begs the question: Why the hell was this loser reading a David Cook interview that he did two years ago when the loser in question obviously hates the guy? I can't stand ArchuBot, Castro, etc, but I don't spend my time reading about them and saying negative things about their "bad characters" online. The most I do is come to MY BLOG and bitch about how I want them to get off my TV because their singing does not appeal to me.

Oh, the woes of being the front-runner and the favourite to win. When fans of other contestants cannot find anything bad to say about you, they choose to infer retarded things from soundless and low-quality videos in a bid to to undermine their competitors. How pathetic and lame. David (Cook) cannot help being fabulous, and I bet that stupid ArchuBot fan feels threatened by David's super awesomeness - which he/she should. If all goes well, i.e. if the voting public is voting based on talent (a stretch, I know, considering Castro is still around), David is on his way to winning the whole damn shebang.

Oh my god I have to stop saying these things. I think I've jinxed it for him repeatedly already. I never say that my favourites will win until they win - and they usually don't. But this time round I really really really REALLY want Cookie to win because he deserves it, and I've subscribed to the "If David Cook Wants, David Cook Shall Get" school of thought a long, long time ago. Since David obviously wants to win, he shall win, and I will vote my laptop to death on Wednesday morning and wake up at the disgusting time of 8.30 in the morning to make sure that I vote for the whole two freaking hours, never mind that it's the most boring activity since law school, and that I have an exam the next day.

Since I'm talking about Cookie, can I just say that I'm really freaking out this week? I'm so nervous and scared that I'm actually hoping he won't go last. Since there are four left, the last person gets the number 4 - and 4 is an inauspicious/unlucky number in Chinese culture.


I swear, if he goes home this week and I find out on Thursday morning, I might as well not show up for my Legal Chinese exam later on in the afternoon 'cause I'd be so incredibly upset that I wouldn't be able to stop crying and I wouldn't be able to do my paper anyway. For my sake, David, please please PLEASE advance to the next week!

Because, you know, it's all about me.

Oh my god can this season end already? It's really torturing me, so I can only imagine the stress that David must be going through. He's always so nervous on results night, and last week he was called out so late and I bet he thought he'd hit the seal. UGH, can the show end now and declare David Cook the winner? I don't want to watch anymore oh my god. I'm not enjoying it at all; I'm just scared and worried and every time I think about performance night, I'm like, OMGGGG. Then I think about results night, and I'm like, OMGGGG!!!

Ugh. Have I mentioned I hate this show? I HATE IT.

Okay, on a non-Cookie related note, I was shown massive love on Unfortunately I've stopped writing SD fics and um, yeah, the person that just added me to his/her favourite authors list won't be seeing anything new from me ever. But thanks; it means a lot. Even though I think everything I have there is shit.

The person left a review for this fic. I have completely forgotten about its existence, until now. I tried to read it, but after the first sentence, I had to cringe and look away in horror.

IT'S HORRIBLE OMG. I can't believe I wrote that. I'm so embarrassed now.

Lastly, I hate Legal Chinese. I hate it. That's all.

Tags: david cook, fanfiction, law school, stupid people

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