anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

I'm really not surprised.

So I woke up this morning just to find out that I really got banned on TWoP for making one snarky, not-so-nice remark out of my 122 posts in that bloody stupid place.

First the David Cook thread was locked and the uptight-as-shit moderator wrote, "40 or so posts deleted, lots of Claymates banned. For the record, the proper response to getting trolled is not, in fact, to act like assholes. I'm locking the thread for a day or two."

(Note: WTF, Claymates? Who's acting like an asshole now?)

Thinking that I probably got banned 'cause that's just their schtick, I checked my control panel and indeed, below my awesome! username, I saw the words "Account status: Banned". The oh-so-polite moderator added a note, "Banned for bullying. This isn't a fan site. Grow up, please."

I WASN'T BULLYING! I'M LIKE HOW NICE! And that ArchuBot troll was obviously asking for it by posting something so incredibly stupid that any halfway intelligent person's intelligence will be affronted, so it's not my fault.

Okay, I could've been nicer, but come on, the fucker was just asking for it.

And I officially cannot believe that I got involved in some stupid Internet "fandom war". Oh my god, I need to get out of the house. This is getting out of hand, Mr. Cook, and it's all your fault for being awesome and fabulous and talented all sexy-like.

Oh well, at least I got some good laughs out of Dolphingate while it lasted and before the hilarious posts in response to the dimwit got deleted. Seriously though, of all the gates that have been flung David's way, Dolphingate is truly the stupidest one of them all. I honestly thought that people couldn't get any more retarded than NumberOneAlbumgate, but apparently, I was severely underestimating the ability of the human race to be completely retarded.

Sigh. It ain't easy being a front-runner.

Anyway, so now I need a new username, and it's a toss-up between Dakota and Daisy Lane. They're both Stereophonics songs, yay! I'd not go back to TWoP entirely, but it's the only place on the Internetz that I can read about/occasionally discuss David without putting up with the torture of, inter alia, misspelled words, missing full stops, missing apostrophes, extra commas, extra apostrophes, misplaced apostrophes. And since David = my life...well, I'm sure the dots are connecting themselves.

Dammit, I had my 'tripwires' account since November 2005 when I signed up there to feed my Veronica Mars obsession. I hadn't even posted in, like, forever, until Cookie showed up on Idol with his hideous faux hawk and frumpy argyle vest and badly-dyed pink emo bangs and of course he had to have such an amazing voice that I just HAD to fall in love with, and now 'tripwires' is no more because I couldn't resist the urge to respond to an idiot. Great. TWoP sucks. Should I call myself Dakota or Daisy Lane? Maybe I should just go with Yelen. Or my real name. But why would I wanna do that, /I Could Lose Ya (Stereophonics)?

I'm super sleepy so I've no idea what I'm talking about.

Oh my god I cannot watch Idol this week. Or ever again for S7. The thought of tomorrow morning freaks me out, then I think of Thursday morning and I'm THIS close to hyperventilating. I've never been this worried about any Idol contestants before - ever. I've never wanted any of my favourites to win as badly as I want David to win. He could really make it easier for me by masking his burning desire to win a bit and downplay it a bit but nooooo. Every performance night he's fucking awesome which shows that he's totally in it for the win, and every results night he's fucking nervous which shows that he's totally in it for the win.

Stop it, David. I'm more nervous about you than I am about my own freaking EXAM. Something is obviously wrong with this picture!

And then there's the inability to vote next week because I'll be interning which is, quite honestly, driving me nuts.

I'll see if I can hook my handphone up to Gizmo. I forced my mom into agreeing to help me vote but I don't trust her to vote for the whole two hours! I already find it fucking boring and I'm the one head over heels in love with this guy. She doesn't even care about him 1% as much as I do...therefore, I'm banking on her undying love for ME and my eternal happiness to vote for David Cook dutifully and rabidly, the thought of which, quite frankly, makes me laugh my ass off. I'll hook her computer up with Gizmo and I'll check her calling history to see how long she voted for bwahahahah.

If anyone wants to do me a favour (Tris, I'm looking at you!), vote for David, please. This is about your friend's ETERNAL HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING, because she will be devastated if her husband doesn't win American Idol. She realises that her fangirlism has gone completely overboard, but since she's so far gone anyway, she doesn't care anymore. BRING ON THE WATERWORKS. She will cry her eyes out if he doesn't win, she will cry her eyes out too if/when he wins. And she still wants money to go to the States to watch the Idols tour.

OKAY I need to finish that thing I was attempting to translate last night before Dolphingate completely distracted me. Have I mentioned I hate legal Chinese? Because I do. A lot.

Tags: american idol, david cook, law school, rant, stupid people

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