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Rogers Cup 2011: Omg this is quite hilarious

Dodig Pulls Off Improbable Victory Over Nadal

Vinci Stuns Wozniacki, Kvitova & Li Advance

If only Nikolay Davydenko had succeeded in getting the job done against Novak Djokovic; he was up 4-1, 30-0 in the first set, then promptly went on to lose it 7-5, despite serving for the set at 5-4. I was quite amazed that Nole actually won that first set; he was playing quite badly, but then again, knowing Davydenko's absence of a good serve and tendency to self-destruct, I suppose that result was never in doubt.

But it would have been funny for the new World #1, making his debut as the new World #1, to lose in his opening match.

Nonetheless, I'm so happy that Rafael Nadal and Caroline Wozniacki are adding on to the entertainment that Andy Murray kicked off when he lost to Kevin Anderson yesterday. I don't know which result pleases me more: Nadal losing to Ivan Dodig (even I don't really know who this is) or Wozniacki losing to Roberta Vinci. I couldn't sleep last night so I was up at 3 in the morning watching tennis and switching between the WTA and the ATP. The WTA Wozniacki/Vinci match was out of this world. Woz served for the second set twice, first at 5-1 and then at 5-3, and went on to get broken both times. Then at 5-5, she got herself broken again - to love.

I was half-afraid that Vinci wouldn't get it done but to her credit, she hung in there, toughed out the Wozniacki Backboard, and finally served it out. It was obvious as daylight from the get-go that Woz had a tough time dealing with Vinci's old-school style of play; Vinci has no drive backhand and slices all her backhands, and this backhand slice was annoying the hell out of Woz. Another thing that clearly annoyed the hell out of her was the wind, which I get is irritating, but if you're the #1 player in the world, you're certainly expected to be able to deal with such adverse conditions.

What I found hilarious was the number of times Wozniacki was on the back foot and was forced to play an awkward, ugly-looking shot, just to get the ball back in play. Even funnier was how she was forced to slice and play at the net. Vinci completely exposed Wozniacki's weaknesses, which is also why I can't stand her. She's a one-dimensional player with no weapon, whose best quality is basically running down balls all day long. She's a glorified pusher who's the most consistent player in the world, but certainly not the best. The fact that she hasn't won a slam yet really says a lot.

Also note-worthy is the number of serves that Wozniacki hit that didn't even reach the net. I mean, what? HAHAHAHAHA. Now I feel better about my own shit serving.

Unfortunately, I didn't watch Nadal lose so I don't know what happened there. But then, he's always been shit on hard courts. It's a bloody travesty that he won the US Open last year. Thank goodness Djokovic is here to put a stop to that madness.

Lastly, I was so happy that Roger finally returned to my TV. While I was happy to watch him (and tennis in general) in high-definition on SuperSports, I was NOT happy that the feed broke down intermittently. Well, at least I got to see him more often than I didn't. He played some young Canadian dude who got a wild card into the main draw. It was a good warm-up match. Roger's backhand down the line still takes my breath away, no matter how many times I've seen it. He displayed some quickness around the court which is always comforting, and he served pretty well too.

Unfortunately, he plays Tsonga in the next round. I'm not looking to this one at all - AT ALL. I still feel sad when I think about Roger's inexplicable and weird loss to Tsonga at Wimbledon. Sigh.


In other news, my $35 wallet from ASOS has finally arrived. Yay. I finally have a new freaking wallet, after using the current one for, what, 6 years? I'm incredible.
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