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My virgin massage.

Yay I finally received this dress!

Unfortunately, and as expected, the dress stretches rather uncomfortably around my tummy area. In other words, I look bloody fat in this. That only provides me even more motivation to lose weight quick, but I'm just gonna order this in M to see which size fits better.


I went for my first massage ever yesterday with Mag; we each bought some Groupon voucher.

My shoulders/lower neck area are presently tender to the touch, and I was perfectly fine before this massage, so that should be some indication as to whether I enjoyed it. To state it in black and white, though, it made me tensed as opposed to relaxed; and although I felt very sleepy throughout, I couldn't wait for it to be over.

It also didn't help that I'm extremely ticklish and thus I couldn't stop squirming when the masseuse was rubbing my back and my legs, especially the inner thighs. The only part that I liked was the bloody hand massage. I'm quite convinced that this "luxury" isn't quite for me.

I really liked the oils that the woman used though - it smelled really good, like lavender (maybe it was lavender). It's making me want to buy some essential oil thing to burn in my room. I recently cleared my table, to my own surprise, so I have some space on my table for this.

Mag and I had dinner at some random Malaysian cafe near the spa place after that. I ordered some fish curry rice thingy which was surprisingly good. Mag and I don't do dinners or hang-outs like this often anymore, thanks to this huge-ass devil called work, so anytime we get to do this is a good night spent in my books.


I had lunch with Ryan at Clementi Mall today and he passed me my tennis stuff (including the Maria dress pictured above). Omg Li Na's French Open outfit is simple but yet so damn cute - I looove it.

I love the colours of the skirt especially - so summery and bright.

I'm also the proud owner of 20 more pieces of Wilson Pro Overgrip white. YES NO MORE FUCKING PINK BIMBO-LOOKING OVERGRIP. I feel like a fool playing with that overgrip, seriously, especially when I'm wearing something pink.

Lastly, I headed to Dempsey for the first time in roughly two years for some coffee and decided on Jones the Grocer. The first thing that struck me when I entered the place was how bloody Melbourne it looked. It, in fact, should have been obvious that a place like that could not have been opened by Singaporeans; a quick Google on the place tells me that the place was, in fact, first opened in Sydney.

Duh bloody duh. It could be one of the few places in Singapore where I can get a flat white, and it was actually, surprisingly, really good, albeit rather expensive at $5. The only thing that I miss about Melbourne is the amazing coffee that I can get virtually anywhere. I suppose this is a good substitute, for now at least.

Lastly for real now, I bought Julian Barnes' new book yesterday and I'm reading it and I'm completely in love. I can read this man describe a blank white wall and fall all over myself worshipping him. He's so intelligent, and his writing, somehow, just speaks to me in a way that other writers' writing doesn't quite do. I don't know how to explain it. He and I couldn't be more different but sometimes, the things that he writes about, the ideas that he explores, I can relate to them as intimately as though they were my own.

Maybe I've just read too much Barnes; but then, I've only read all of his novels, so how is that too much?

Going back to my book now. I noted with some sadness that he still dedicates his books to his late wife (who cheated on him with Jeannette Winterson, for the record). I know how strongly he felt about her (just read the 1/2 chapter in A History of the World in Nine and a Half Chapters) and I feel quite sad that he's without her now.

Maybe I'm just a psychotic fangirl. That's definitely possible.
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