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Birthday wish list, and "if only I could turn back time".

In a bid to make my friends' lives easier, I've decided to post a birthday wish list. This is, of course, not an attempt to guilt-trip anyone into buying things for me because I'd rather you didn't; but because I cannot thicken my skin sufficiently to email this list to my friends privately, I'm posting it here.

It goes without saying, of course, that if you have no idea when my birthday is, then you needn't bother. :)

Birthday wish list

1. Stereophonics - Language. Sex. Violence. Other? DVD (NOT the CD which I already have!)
2. Stereophonics - Performance and Cocktails CD
3. Radiohead - OK Computer CD
4. Julian Barnes - Flaubert's Parrot, hardback edition (Apparently it's a re-issue and Kino has it? I have the soft back copy but it's always nice to own a Barnes novel in hard back 'cause yeah, I'm weird)
5. David Cook in the flesh, kthx.
6. All expenses paid trip to Paris please. I particularly don't mind celebrating my birthday alongside the French commemorating Bastille Day/their National Day because, you know, fireworks and everything? Really cool. (Oh wait, did I just give my date of birth away?)
7. Um, shopping vouchers? Marina Square is not bad. Vivo City would be quite ideal as well.

Okay, I can't think of anything else. It has, however, become a dream/aim/goal/ambition/whatever of mine to celebrate at least one of my birthdays in Paris. Not everyone gets to have her birthday fall on the same day as the national day of 1) a developed country; 2) a developed country that has the money to waste on the requisite national day festivities such as fireworks; and 3) a developed country with an extremely famous and sometimes-romantic city such as Paris, and therefore, I think it's my duty as a human being to respect what the cosmos bestowed upon me and celebrate my birthday in Paris at least once before I die. Good idea, no?

Anyway, I haven't been writing much because there hasn't been much to say. I'm still recovering from the flu which has taken a harder hit on me than I expected and anticipated. The medicine I've been given leaves me utterly lethargic most of the time, so I've been moving my ass around at home, mostly watching Alias and sleeping and ignoring the fact that I'm to apply for pupillage on Monday and I still have yet to write a single cover letter. Bleah. I'm just so. lazy. I can't wait for this to be over.

Sometimes I forget that it's already July. Spending most of June in various European cities had the effect of messing with my head, putting me in this weird time warp where I honestly find myself forgetting that June has gone, that it's July, and it's a strange feeling, like you've lost one month of your life, when in fact, you gained so much from that one month that you can't possibly say. But it's back to reality, as always, business as usual; and that one month now feels like a distant dream, one from which you had no choice but to wake up, because dreams come to an end sooner or later.

I miss not being in Singapore. I miss waking up in a different city nearly every week, having all the time in the world to do what I pleased, to see things that I would otherwise never see, pushing myself out of my comfort zone to the extent that I was able to tolerate it (which...yeah, wasn't really a lot, but still). Real life catches up with you way too fast, especially when you don't want it to.

Oh well. Anyway, being sick really sucks and I want to buy Julian Barnes' Letters from London, which Kino apparently has. Hopefully I can get my hands on it next week; I need to, like, shop. I still have vouchers from my birthday last year that I haven't used and they're expiring in a week so I need to use them, hence I need to shop. I shouldn't let perfectly good vouchers go to waste, right? Yeah, I think so too.

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