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So the day for pupillage applications have come and gone, and I'm pleased to announce that Monday passed disaster-free. I got a place in the firm of my choice (where I did my third internship), and it's a firm that I wouldn't have thought I'd be heading to this time last year. I remember first hearing its name two years ago and thinking to myself, "Wow, that's really cool. Too bad I probably can't make it there."

You know, because of bad grades and all. Okay, to be fair, my grades aren't exactly bad from an objective standpoint, but they're not stellar and they kind of just are. Like, average - mind-numbingly average. At that point you just didn't think you could go places with the kind of grades you had...but you also didn't really think they could actually, honestly improve.

In any case, ultimately it seemed like my grades didn't matter at all, at least not in the way I thought they would. I got a call from the firm at 10.40-ish, arranging an "interview" (I'm quoting the caller! Whom I realised I knew personally albeit briefly, haha) with me at 2.25 p.m. I reached the firm at 2.15 p.m., waited about an hour, and when I was called into a meeting room by the recruitment partner (who is super nice), I sat down and braced myself for the inevitable "why litigation?" questions that were bound to follow.

Guess what? Three seconds after I set down and mentally prepared myself to bullshit some non-existent passion for litigation, the recruitment partner told me, "You've already been accepted, did they tell you? [My ex-boss] approved your application."


I'd gone for an interview before that and it was so disastrous that I can't even say. So going to the firm (um, The Firm) I was actually legitimately worried that I'd screw up the interview like I did with the first interview and they wouldn't want me, and I'd be left with nowhere to go at worst or left settling for somewhere I didn't really want to work in at best. I was so relieved and shocked when I heard that I didn't have to go through an interview at all that it was all I could do not to go, "OH MY GOD SHUT UP NO WAY!!!!!!"

I did, however, babble some nonsense about being so nervous that I was unable to eat (truth - I can't eat when I'm nervous, or when the next five years of my life hinged on the number of phone calls I get in one freaking morning) which wasn't very glam at all, but the recruitment partner, like I said, was really nice so it was all good. The whole waiting for one hour thing? Yes, I bitched about it to my friends, but who gives a shit? No interview, got what I wanted, THANK YOU.

I had another interview originally scheduled for 3.30, which I had to push back to 4.30 because I was waiting for an hour at The Firm...but after the firm became The Firm, I called the third firm and told them that I wasn't going down anymore. When my mom got wind of this she was all, "You should just go what!"

I mean, yeah, maybe I should've just gone, but why waste people's time, and that firm was quite far away and I didn't want to freaking walk all the way there in my horrible heels for essentially nothing. And why waste people's time? Have I mentioned it's not nice to waste people's time?

Okay, I'm a bit distracted now; I'm looking at pictures of Cookie on Facebook and his hotness is a major, major distraction. SHIT I MISS WATCHING HIM PERFORM. I WANT TO SEE HIM LIVE. BOOOOOO.

Anyway, to wrap up, I still find it amusing how we (Ruishan, Mag, me, a few other law people) were camped out at Coffee Club (Raffles Place) from 9 in the morning all the way until 6-something in the evening, waiting for phone calls and going for interviews. Seriously. They chased some of us away when the lunch crowd began to come in but I was actually eating something (though I didn't finish it) so I got to retain my seat.

Lastly, I checked my email yesterday to find an email from my ex-boss at The Firm, sent at 10.40 a.m. or thereabout, telling me that they'd reserved a place for me and that I didn't need to go for an interview.

At times like that? A Blackberry would've really come in quite handy.

I'm hungry so I'm going to eat now!


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