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I want to marry pretty men.

So it's like totally my birthday!1!1!1one!1!1!

I'm sure everyone knows that I used to get really disgustingly and unreasonably angsty whenever my birthday rolled around. (If everyone doesn't already know, dig around my archives. I cannot bear to read the entries written on the days leading up to my birthday.) This year, though, I don't give a shit anymore. It is what it is - I'm getting older, it's just another day of the year, why should anyone make a production of the non-occasion and bring out the fanfare over something that is really nothing?

On the bright side, it's always nice and heartening to have great friends who care enough about you to celebrate your birthday, organise a little get-together, take the time out to buy you stuff (not to mention the money), anything to elevate your birthday from being Just Another Day. So thank you, Friends. I'll be writing a nice consolidated entry after this day is over so watch out for that.

Also? On this day 219 years ago, a mob of Parisian peasants stormed the Bastille prison, freeing the grand total of 7 prisons in the used-to-be fortress that was commonly seen as a symbol of monarchical oppression, thereby setting the events of the French Revolution in motion. Like, how totally exciting omg, right? I think so too.



So I think I'm taking Conflicts because I think one out of my six modules should have some practical purpose.


I want to take it but I don't because it's hard but I want to take it because it's useful but I don't want to take it because I don't want to get a C so I'm half-hoping I don't get it but if I don't get it I'm kind of doomed. Okay, not doomed, maybe more handicapped than doomed, but handicapped is NOT GOOD EITHER, OMG.

If I take Conflicts, I can't take Comparative Constitutional Law 'cause they clash and I'M DAMN SAD ABOUT THAT. I really wanted to take Comparative Constitutional Law. Not only was Constitutional Law completely useless, more importantly it was completely fun and I really liked it and I really wanted to take it a step further. I'm depressed.

The Conflicts exam is also on the same day as the International Environmental Law and Policy exam, which is a module I must take because of the person who's teaching it. So I think I'm doomed. Do I really know what the fuck I'm doing? I'M DOING SIX MODULES. Maybe I should leave my extra four credits for semester 2 when I'm not doing something as potentially honours-wrecking as PRINCIPLES OF CONFLICTS OF LAW. Shit, how? I want to cry.


Some David Cook content: I watched his performances at this charity show for some UCLA cancer research funding thingy (Taste for a Cure). He sang The World I Know, Livin' On a Prayer and Time of My Life, all acoustic.

UGH SO PRETTY IT HURTS. SO AMAZING I HAVE NO WORDS. I cannot get over how heartrendingly beautiful The World I Know is, and I've heard the original Livin' On a Prayer and I genuinely think it sucks. Granted, I'm no Bon Jovi fan but I'd admit that some of their songs are catchy (like...okay, my mind's drawing a blank). Livin' On a Prayer also has some of the cheesiest lyrics ever - Gina works a diner all day/She (something something) and brings home the pay/For love. Or whatever. WHAT STUPID CHEESE.

And despite the cheesy lyrics and the fact that I hate the original song, every time David sings it acoustic I'm all, "OMGGGGG." Because it's just so gorgeous. To be fair, he didn't come up with the arrangement; Bon Jovi did it first in one of their live concerts (why do I know these things when I don't even like Bon Jovi? My Cookie obsession has absolutely no bounds and no limits). But still, he sings it beautifully and it gets stuck in my head all the time.

He also sang Time Of My Life amazingly well. I heard the song on the radio for the first time ever on Wednesday actually, when I was in a cab on my way home from Pet's birthday party. The driver had the radio turned on really softly but I recognised the song like 2 seconds into it, and inside I was all, "COOKIE!1!!ONE!" So exciting, like totally.

I'm so jealous of all the people that got to see him perform live and talk to him backstage and take pictures with him and whatever.

On the other hand, I'm a bit disturbed that a lot of his fans are like, my mom's age. I read some forums here and there and occasionally I'd read things like, "I really want to meet him. I coerced my 22-year-old daughter into going to the Idols tour with me blah blah..."

I'm like, ..........

Seriously?! That is SO. WEIRD. Everytime I spazz over David or one of my husbands my mom would roll her eyes and call me 'crazy' (this includes talking about going to America to see the Idols tour, which really isn't that crazy in the context of crazy fan behaviour). I cannot imagine - at all - someone of my mom's age spazzing the way I do over famous people and analysing everything they do, from the way they cut their hair to the words they use in interviews, even to the clothes and accessories they wear. I freely admit to being a huge, HUGE David Cook fangirl, but I don't care if he wears like ten million necklaces and bracelets (which he does) and I don't care why he wears that fug-ass vest during the Idols tour and I don't care why he's dating Kimberly Caldwell, or that he's dating KC, period. Some of his fans put him on this impossible pedestal, as if he's faultless. I do think that he's a very genuine guy and very sincere, but if he's rude to a fan tomorrow or something I wouldn't be all, OMG what a bastard! He's just a normal guy, a human being.

But wait, I was talking about how a sizable portion of his fanbase consists of women my mom's age. Yeah, so that's weird, right? Because I think it is. But I think, too, that it's got more to do with what my mom is like than what I think the age limit should be to be a David Cook fan. Does that make sense? My head is kind of hurting so I hope that makes sense.


On another note, I've decided I'd love to marry Roger Federer.

I watched him play against Marat Safin during the Wimbledon quarter-finals or whatever it was, and at that time I was all, MARAT SAFIN IS SO HOT!

I mean, Marat Safin is fucking hot, but Roger Federer is gorgeous. He's beautiful. He's so pretty, it hurts - seriously. There's this air of quiet dignity and elegance to him that cannot be described as hot at all, which is precisely why I think he's gorgeous and beautiful and quite honestly one of the most handsome men I've ever, EVER laid eyes on. (He kind of looks a bit like Joaquin Phoenix, which should really figure, eh?) He also looks a touch feminine which I so adore, and so I conclude that it'd be great if I could marry him.

I was soooo sad when I learnt that he lost the Wimbledon championship! Okay, so I wasn't really soooo sad, but I was definitely a bit disappointed. I'm not an avid tennis fan, or a tennis fan at all, but we had sports channels 'cause my bro wanted to watch the NBA finals (David sang the USA national anthem during like Game 3 and I couldn't stop laughing when I was watching it 'cause his eyes were glued to the flag the entire time and it was the most nervous I'd ever seen him look. He looked scared shitless. HILARIOUS!) and Star Sports was broadcasting the Wimbledon matches, so we watched a few. Since I don't live in a cave though, I've always known of Roger (now we're totally on first-name basis) but I never gave a shit Who cares?

But now I totally do because he's so pretty. I'd love to say that I care also because he's a great tennis player, which I'm sure he is, but I know like, nothing about tennis except the fact that it's a racket ball game and that the racket is damn heavy, so I'm not going to pretend to know what makes a good tennis player. My interest in Roger is purely superficial, thanks. Is tennis part of the Olympics? Oh my god I want to watch him again!

Okay, I'm really way too tired to even try to inject some semblance to sense into this entry and rescue it from the pits of Superficiality, so I'm just going to post this and go to bed. Yay.

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