anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Oh my god shit fuck die.

So I just found out that the modules list is out and this is what I got:

LL4012 Comparative Public Law
LL4049 Principles Of Conflict Of Laws
LL4120 Chinese Public Law
LL4131 Law, Governance & Development in Asia
LL4153 Int'l Police Enforcement Cooperation
LL4156 State Building & Int'l Administration


This is extremely problematic because Principles of Conflict of Laws clash with BOTH Comparative Public Law and Chinese Public Law, two modules which I put way at the bottom of my list as my reserves. I figured, if I don't get Conflicts, I'd get everything else which don't clash with each other. I didn't provide for a scenario where I got Conflicts as well as other modules which I knew would clash with it - because I thought the system was smarter than that.

Apparently it's not, and so I must decide what to do now, which means I have no choice but to do add/drop - which I've never done before because it's a major pain in the ass and I never wanted to go through the hassle of the process. Even worse? The list of modules are extremely limited, the list of fun modules even more so.

How did I not get International Environmental Law? I didn't get UN Law either. Who the fuck wants to do these modules?!

Shit lah. Now I have to decide between dropping Conflicts, which was the ONLY useful module on my list, and dropping two modules for the sake of Conflicts.


Okay, so I really don't feel like dealing with this mess right now. Yeah, I don't. Whatever.

Tags: law school

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