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So the school administration decided to void the results of the modules allocation results after a bunch of people complained about their screwed-up results, which were to be expected, given they'd just implemented changes in the priority system (i.e., Year 4s only get priority for their first 4 choices; before, Year 4s got priority for all their choices). At first I was all, Yay! Maybe the retarded clashes in my modules will be sorted out?

They released the results of the re-allocation today, and the modules I got are - wait for it - exactly the same.

Fuck. Why change the priority system? Why fix something that wasn't broke? How the hell am I supposed to sort this shit out? It's either drop Conflict of Laws, or drop BOTH Comparative Public Law and Chinese Public Law. But what the hell would I add? The only subject that I really want to do is International Environmental Law, which I didn't get because of the new priority system.

I am really, really annoyed.

On the one hand, I want to do Conflicts because it's widely known to be very important to one's career, and I only decided to put it as my first choice after I was told by a practising lawyer that not doing Conflicts handicapped him a bit in practice. This actually and shockingly applies to me, by virtue of the litigation department I'll be pupilling in next year and eventually working in, I guess.

On the other hand, I really don't want to do Conflicts because it's more or less one of those modules that I'll get a C for, almost as if it's by default. And if I'm being honest, my reluctance to do Conflicts far outweighs whatever conviction of its practical worth I shoved down my throat that made me choose it in the first. I'd much rather do Public Law - Comparative and Chinese - than Conflict of Laws. And have I mentioned before that I'm not keen on getting C's anymore?

I AM SO IRRITATED. I really don't understand why the system gave me fucking Conflicts just to make me drop it. WHAT THE FUCK. If there's one thing that's broke about the damn system, it's its utter inability to avoid such timetable clashes when it's allocating subjects to a student. Why am I paying school fees? And if Conflicts is so damn important, why isn't it compulsory? Why isn't it offered in BOTH semesters?

Have I mentioned I'm really irritated? I don't want to fucking add/drop oh my god.


On a happier note, I love Stereophonics' Performance and Cocktails. She Takes Her Clothes Off is a surprisingly beautiful and wistful song, and I love Pick a Part That's New (which I realised I've heard before, in dribs and drabs). Awesome CD. I think it's better than Word Gets Around, even better than Pull the Pin. Love it.

Also, I watched the first season of The Office (like, the original one, not the American rip off which I now refuse to watch) and I FUCKING LOVE IT SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN SAY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. WHY ARE THERE ONLY TWO SEASONS. I AM SO SAD.


On...another note, Saturday night:

Simon: So how does it feel not to be in love for so long?
Me: Really good.

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