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First day of Year 4.

(I was going to title this entry 'first day of school' until Firefox kindly alerted me to the fact that I had an entry, written this time last year, called 'first day of year 3'.)

1. I am so tired that I think I'm going to die.

2. I was in school from 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., a feat that really shouldn't be repeated under normal, humane circumstances; but quite apparently, I'm a closet masochist, for I knowingly signed up for this torture and I'm going to put myself through it for the next three years. Hooray, how totally exciting.

3. If I'm being optimistic about it, I'd say that I liked my classes. But since I'm me, all I'm going to offer is that I'm okay with my classes.

4. Okay, I'll admit this much: UN Law and Practices deals with super exciting international problems and a part of me still wants to work in the UN, so it's all good; Principles of Conflict of Laws, while fuck-confusing, is actually strangely (and masochistically) riveting; and Law, Governance and Development in Asia plays right into what I've been interested in since Emergencies and Legal Theory last year. So yeah, it's all good.

5. Still, I'm fuck-tired and I can't look at any readings right now and all I wanna do is watch America's Next Top Model and indulge in superficiality and brainlessness.

You know, I really wish school started a week later or something because Roger Federer played in his first men's singles Olympics tennis match this morning and guess what I was doing? I WAS STUCK IN CLASS. And I like UN Law and Practices. AGRH OMG. I'm so sad I didn't get to watch him beat that Russian dude!

Speaking of the Olympics, I watched Team USA beat the crap out of Team China last night in basketball and it was quite hilarious. The outcome was a foregone conclusion the very second the fixture was announced. I mean, we're talking about the United States of America, a basketball powerhouse in its own right. We all remember the USA coming in third in basketball during the last Olympics, but we (okay, I) have no idea who got the gold medal. Does anyone care, really? And I'm not even a fan of the US.

China did quite well at first - and when I say 'at first', I mean roughly the first, oh, five minutes, and that's a generous estimate. Nice three-pointers by a couple of Chinese guys, but the entire match was about the Americans showing off their mad skillz. And honestly? Their skillz, totally mad. I haven't been watching the NBA in quite a while but I still very casually follow a little and so I know who LeBron James is, but have never really watched him play. But last night? Totally understand the hype. A-MAZING. It's not just him; it's the entire US team (minus Jason Kidd who didn't do much, whom I still irrationally dislike), him and Kobe Bryant (though when he was called out for travelling I kind of almost died laughing) and the Miami Heat(s) guy whose name I don't remember. At one point it was something like 10 steals to 2, and whenever the US stole the ball, their attack was so swift, like lightning, that there was literally nothing China could do to defend against it. Alley-oops, slam dunks, a wide-open lay-up - so much better than watching the NBA actually; all the top basketball talents of the US are performing their tricks for you, all at once.

The athleticism of the Americans also far exceeded that of the Chinese. The way they jump into the air and twist and turn in mid-air during those split seconds to maneuver the ball, the way they dribble the ball, cutting in and out of defenders like they're not even there - the disparity in athleticism and skills and talent between the two teams was obvious even to the untrained eye, to someone who had zero interest in and knowledge of basketball and randomly flipped to that channel and caught five minutes of the match. Team USA was a joy to watch - and that's putting it mildly.

So eventually it was 101-70 which was sad for China but I don't really care 'cause I have no interest in China, ha ha. Funny how my mom roots for China on the basis that we're Chinese, 'cause I don't see why I should do that on that flimsy basis when I don't identify, in any way, shape or form, with the PRC as a political entity, and especially when I recognise and believe in Taiwan as a country. But yes, I've bitched about this enough so I'll leave it. Flogging dead horses isn't exactly fun.

But Yao Ming? Vastly overrated. He's honestly not a good basketball player. Sure, his free throws are surprisingly accurate, but watch him under the basket...wait, under the basket? What? He's NEVER under the basket. He's always hovering around the basket, but never under it. What gives? He's tall enough to put the ball in by tiptoeing a little and yet he hardly ever does that. He had a grand total of one dunk in the match against the US and guys from the US team, way shorter than him, were making dunks left right and centre. Maybe it's because he's so tall, but he's not athletic at all. His movements are clumsy, for some reason he can't seem to grab rebounds when the members of the opposing team that surround him are much shorter than him, and he can't seem to charge his way to under the basket to score easy baskets. Watching him play is quite hilarious, really, and I actually think that Liu Xiang is much more worthy of carrying China's flag at the opening ceremony than Yao Ming is. Liu Xiang at least won a gold medal in HURDLES; what has Yao Ming done? The Houston Rockets aren't even doing that well in the NBA.

I'm going to conclude this by saying that I've missed watching basketball. It's made of major awesomeness: fast-paced, aesthetically-pleasing, and actually engaging. Who knew I'd find a sport engaging? I watch tennis - only when Roger Federer is playing, and only because I like looking at him. Do I like looking at basketballers? Generally, no (unless his name is Peja Stojakovic omg!!!!). So, yeah.

Okay I'm going to watch Heroes with my mom now 'cause I still love David Anders so yay.

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