anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Poor Roger and Team Greece (basketball) rocks.

It looks like my devastation over not being able to watch the tennis gold medal match was a tad premature. The one and only reason I cared about tennis, a.k.a. His Royal Prettiness Roger Federer, is out of the competition.

Omgomgomggggg I can't believe it! Worse, he lost to James Blake while I was lost in International Police Enforcement Cooperation class, so I didn't even get to watch him play. I didn't watch him play AT ALL throughout his entire Olympics run which just sucks, and the last time I ever saw him play, he lost the Wimbledon finals to Nadal.

This is a catastrophe. Thankfully I'm not really super invested in him so I'm only a little sad...but that's still something.

On the very dark bright side, now I don't have to care that StarHub isn't showing the gold medal match. Nadal's probably going to get it and I don't care about tennis as much as I care about Roger so...whatever.

On another note, I watched the repeat telecast of the USA v Greece basketball match on Channel 5 at midnight and I was really surprised that Greece was actually good. Before that I watched Argentina v Croatia which I had high hopes for because it's Argentina and there's Emmanuel David Ginobili (played for the Spurs when I was still following the NBA; now, I have no idea) who kicks ass, but the match was fuck-boring. It was BORING. Croatia has cute guys but they can't seem to play, and for some reason neither team seemed to want to fast break. The pace was slow, they kept passing the ball around and shooting only when the shot clock forced them to, and I was bored to tears.

Greece, on the other hand, played like a legitimate basketball team. If they hadn't lost the second quarter so massively to the Americans (it was 31-16 in the second quarter), they might have been able to lose by a smaller margin, or even win! Okay, maybe winning is a bit of a stretch, but the 20-something score difference did no justice to the quality of the Greek team. They actually understood what 'fast break' means, they had the ability to cut through defenders and go for quick lay-ups, and they almost matched the Americans in speed, agility, athleticism, and accuracy. Almost, but not quite (well, duh, since they lost), but it was still something - a joy to watch.

And of course, OMG GREEK MEN ARE SO HOT. #6 is a serious, serial massive hottie, like totally. Greece plays China on Monday at 2.30 in the afternoon which I totally want to watch, but even if they broadcast it, I won't be able to watch it because...I'll be in school. How utterly boring.

Speaking of being in school, I have class in exactly 30 minutes which I haven't prepared for so I'm going to glance through the readings now.

Tags: basketball, law school, olympics, roger federer

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