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I spent close to three hours watching the first tennis doubles match of my life just for this:

I was so busy being upset over Roger's loss to James Blake that I completely forgot he was competing in the doubles too. If I hadn't caught the last moment of the singles bronze medal match, I wouldn't have known that Switzerland v Sweden was on next, and I wouldn't have watched it, a result which would have been catastrophic and devastating on all accounts.

I am no tennis expert so I won't bother to go into great details about the match, but I'll just like to say that it was totally awesome, omg, and Roger served about ten million aces, two of which were consecutive (there would've been a third one, but that serve was out of bounds, boo), and he saved quite a number of break points that Sweden was up for. He and Wawrinka almost didn't win the game where Sweden actually served two consecutive double faults (FOUR FAULTS IN A ROW OH MY GOD) but they did, and that one was an absolute nail-biter.

There were, in fact, many nail-biting moments in the match. I bet the tie-breaker at the third set was one of them, but I didn't watch it because my parents took control of the TV to watch the 100m men's finals (the Jamaican dude with the golden shoes won and he looked like he sleepwalked through his run. Amazing). In a way, I'm glad Fedrinka didn't win that set; if they had and I missed it, I would've been DAMN PISSED, considering I'd been watching for close to two hours at that point and it would have meant I wouldn't get to see the pay-off.

In any case, I'm soooo glad I got to watch Roger play at the Olympics. Their victory ceremonial routine was so cute and made of major WTF win and it was great and I'm so glad he scored his first (and only) Olympic medal, and it was a gold! Oh, he is so pretty, I can't even say.

The WTF victory ceremonial routine that is totally adorable and made of win.

Aren't they so totally hot together? That last picture is precisely the substance that slash fanfics are made of. Bwahaha.

In other Olympic news, USA v Spain, basketball-wise, was boring. There is honestly no team that is going to defeat the USA. They are going to get the gold medal undefeated. Spain was also at a 3-0 winning streak when they played the US, but the US beat them 110-something to like, 70-something. Like I said - boring.


As for the major Olympic event that the country is trying to shove down my throat, all I can say is, I'm not impressed. The only time I'll jump up and down about the country medalling at the Olympics is when a true-blue, born-and-bred-in-Singapore Singaporean team or individual is doing the said medalling. I don't see what's there to celebrate about a silver medal that the government basically paid for. So while the rest of the country watches the table tennis match tonight, I'll be in my room doing my readings for tomorrow's classes, for why should I care when the team isn't even Singaporean?

Sorry, I'm a purist snob who isn't desperate enough for national glory at an international level to settle for something so much less than what this country and its citizens deserve. When the rest of the world is celebrating medals brought home by their own athletes, we are peeing our pants over a potential gold and an assured silver brought to us by ex-PRCers. What's to celebrate about that? And if you tell me that I'm being stupid for nitpicking because my ancestors came to Singapore from China too, I think my only response is...well, I'm not the one being stupid here. The point is that my ancestors are from China; I'm not. These table-tennis players were born in China, and the only reason they came to Singapore is to play table-tennis for the country that they weren't even born or brought up in.

Colour me unimpressed. I'm even a bit sad about this. How wonderful it'd be if our first medal in 46 years was won by a true Singaporean...but that's not to be. Oh well.

Whatever, yeah? I'm going to swim. I'm getting so fat, it's almost time to kill myself. We wouldn't want that, would we?

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