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A shocker.

Life's Burning Question: Why, oh why, do the BTC toilet bowls flush before I even pee?


Currently in Law, Governance and Development in Asia. I've been in school since 9 in the morning and I've pretty much been stoned the whole day. Too sleepy, too tired, my brain isn't working, and once again I'm going straight home to do absolutely nothing.

Since I can't seem to stop following the stupid Olympics, I might as well say that I'm super sad that Liu Xiang's foot injury has forced him to pull out of the 110m hurdles race. I was totally in love with him four years ago when he won the gold medal in Athens because, like, oh my god, a Chinese - an Asian - won a sprint event?! Holy shit, time to construct an altar for him!

I was excited about pretty much three events for the Olympics: Basketball, tennis, and the 110m hurdles. Not even track & field, the 100m race, etc; only the hurdles. And that's ONLY because Liu Xiang was expected to take part and defend his gold medal and Olympic record. And now he's not taking part, and apart from not caring about the event anymore, I'm really sad about it and I feel really bad for him. He basically carried the hopes of the entire nation and those of us Asians who care about him to win another gold medal, so much so that it's been said that if he didn't win it this time, it would effectively undermine the significance of the 2004 gold that he did win. That's utterly ridiculous of course, and so typically PRC, but that was the pressure that he was facing, and apparently he's been dealing with the injury for six years, so...omg, poor thing.

I still think he should've carried China's flag during the opening ceremony. Yao Ming's got NOTHING on him, I swear. China lost to Greece I don't remember the score this afternoon, basketball-wise, and if it's really bad that I supported Greece from my Conflict of Laws class, then I don't ever want to be right. Seriously, if one knows basketball even rudimentarily at all, one will know that YM isn't a great basketball player. But I've talked about this before so I shan't repeat myself.

So yeah, poor Liu Xiang omg. I'm still a bit in shock.


I also sat through the mens' (men's?) tennis gold medal match yesterday (wah lau I thought they weren't showing it and when Roger crashed out I was a bit relieved 'cause it'd mean I wouldn't inevitably miss his match, but they actually showed it so I was damn sad, again, that Roger didn't make it!!!) between Nadal and Fernando Gonzalez, and...shit, I actually like watching tennis. Of course, watching Roger is preferable to watching the rest of the people playing tennis professionally, but even without Roger, tennis is awesome to watch. The only thing I don't like about it is how it can drag on for hours and hours, which is super tiring, especially when the score goes to deuce and each player is trying to get the game point and the score goes to AD then back to 40-40 when that player misses a shot, etc. It's damn irritating, but also exciting when you actually care about the outcome.

I didn't really care about the outcome yesterday as it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that Nadal was going to net the gold. Still, a part of me wanted Gonzalez to win because Roger Federer > Rafael Nadal and I love Roger so I'm fine with anyone winning over Nadal, and I also have this weird tendency of rooting for the underdog (the first time ever I watched Roger Federer, he played against Marat Safin and I was rooting for Safin. Partly because I thought he was hot, but also because he was losing. Haha), so when Gonzalez was valiantly fighting for his set point during the second set, I was totally on the edge of my seat. He had TWO set points, the first of which he lost due to an UNFORCED ERROR (he hit the ball out of the court by accident - poor thing) and he also lost the second one but I can't remember how, thereby losing the whole set after he bombed the tie-breaker, thereby being down by two sets to Nadal. Obviously there was no chance that he'd win, but he still put on quite a tough fight and defended his serve like fuck-mad when Nadal was up for like, two break points which were also medal points.

So totally exciting oh my god. I think I might make my mom get sports channels so that I can keep watching tennis. It's a huge waste of time, to be honest, 'cause the matches tend to drag on beyond two hours; but it's fast becoming an addiction and I'm completely in love with Roger Federer which means I must watch the US Open.

He's just so, so, so devastatingly beautiful. Seriously. Seriously. I wanna have his babies. <3


So I totally can't wait to go home. I think I should listen to the lecture on Philippines and its constitutional changes, etc.

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