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Redundant entry.

So the USA won the basketball gold medal, as expected. But contrary to my initial expectations, the match was actually pretty exciting. Spain played much better than the last I saw them play (against the US) and they forced the US to fight for every single point they scored. Spain led for the first half of the first quarter but the US stole the lead and led for the rest of the match, basically. BUT! Spain actually narrowed the US' lead to two points at one point, after which the US called a time out and fought back.

So yeah, completely predictable outcome, but completely unpredictable and unpredicted process. Very enjoyable. I'd say it was my favourite game of the whole Olympics run, and second to that is definitely Greece v Argentina. Yay.


Oh I watched the closing ceremony too and it was fuck-boring. I CAN'T BELIEVE LEONA LEWIS SANG. OH MY GOD. I CANNOT STAND LEONA LEWIS. I get that she's Britain's biggest sensation right now, but...UGH. And David Beckham, oh my god, if I have to see his face again I'm gonna be damn pissed. I can't stand Beckham either.

Thankfully Robert Page played guitar. And it was fun recognising the main London landmarks during that opening segment.

Have I mentioned I love London? Because I really love London.


I am damn sleepy and it's another weekend utterly wasted and I haven't done shit for Conflicts seminar and I'm not going to 'cause I don't have the book and I'm way too sleepy right now to care. Blahblahblah. I'm still tired of school.

Tags: basketball, daily life, law school, london, olympics

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