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Roger is amazing.

Before I say anything else: OH MY GOD! I AM ON INTERPOL'S WEBSITE! I can't find a permanent link for that story but oh my god!!! My picture is in Interpol's database! I feel all special and important now! And I'm in the good database, not the bad one. Oh my god!!!


I love having cable TV. I love my mom for acceding to my request (more like command actually but well) and subscribing to the Sports package. I love SuperSports.

I love Roger Federer.

Watching him play tennis is like no other. After watching Nadal, Gonzalez, Tommy Haas, and a bunch of other lesser-known players, Roger is still the man to watch. He moves with such grace and agility, he makes it look so easy and effortless, as if he can win all his matches with one eye closed. I also love how unflappable he is; even after failing to convert all those break points in the second set that would've helped him win the match much faster, he still played on steadily and showed no signs of frustration or stress or fatigue.

My favourite thing about him? His serves. When he's in trouble, i.e. when his opponent is on the verge of breaking his serve, he hits back by serving big and defending his serve. When he's on the verge of winning, he does the same thing: serve big, win big, then win it all. He smashes down aces casually and effortlessly, and his shots zoom across the court like some high-speed missile and they hit the mark just right. You can't even blink when he's serving for the set and the match. He finished off the first two sets of his match against some Brazilian dude, something Alves, with these amazing serves - quick, snappy shots, and seconds later, it was over. When he was serving for the match, it was the same thing. And his serves can be so precise: the ball charging towards the far end of the rectangle, then within a split second, hitting the top left corner of the rectangle, clinching him an ace and leaving his opponent no time to react or even attempt to chase after the ball.

No wonder he was #1 for four years and then some. He is just such a class act, such a freaking champion. At the same time though, when he wasn't converting those precious break points, I wanted to throw something at my TV and yell at him for dragging the match on longer than it should and WASTING MY PRECIOUS TIME. There was this game when he was trying to break Alves's serve and they went into like, 7 deuces or something, and in the end? HE FAILED TO CONVERT. At that point I was really absolutely dying. I can only imagine how frustrated he felt, but...he just doesn't show it. Like I said, he's unflappable. And he's amazing.

Before he and Alves took the court though, Jankovic was playing against China's Zheng something. I wanted that match to end ASAP so that Roger can finally come on, but oh my god, that last deuce and match point for Jankovic dragged on forever. Was it twelve deuces they had? Zheng hit a lot of winners, and also a lot of unforced errors, and Jankovic eventually won on Zheng's unforced error. Poor Zheng! This close, SO MANY TIMES, to going into a tie-breaker and staying in the tournament a little longer.

But I didn't really care 'cause I don't like watching women's tennis as much as men's tennis. Um, is that sexist? Whatever.

If Roger really faces Nadal in the finals, I'm not even going to watch it unless I know in advance that Roger wins. And I really hope he does; it would be his FIFTH CONSECUTIVE US OPEN TITLE. And he'd deserve it after having a shitty 2008, the gold medal in doubles Olympics tennis notwithstanding. I hope Wimbledon 2008 doesn't repeat itself. BLEAH.

He's sooooo full of win.

Anyway, I have like work to do but I'm so lazy and I don't feel like doing it. I hate doing presentations. My intensives are finally over so next week I will officially start my slack-ass THREE-DAY WEEK. And I had trouble sleeping last night.

Also? Apparently my dad is evil. He lied about the cockroach. It was just some small bug. HE'S SO MEAN OMG.

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