anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

So tired.

1. Damn sick of State Building presentation. Most hardcore presentation ever.

2. Just watched a third of Roger's third-round US Open match. Oh my god, those two backhand winners he dished out were HOT. His opponent was damn poor thing though; it was quite clear that he was a bad player, period. It got to a point where it was uncomfortable to watch Roger kick his ass. Most of the time the other guy was making unforced errors so it was an easy, no-brainer, boring win - so much so that they showed only the double match points at the end and nothing else of the third set.

3. Muller v Al-whatever, epic three-hour plus match. I watched the last few moments out of boredom (and because I didn't wanna do State Building) and MULLER WON. Who the fuck is Muller, right? He's unseeded, and like the match against Tommy Haas, he lost the first two sets and came back to win the whole thing. Quite amazing, it was. The coverage was more interested in him than The Man Fed. The commentators were going wild and saying that he shouldn't even be in the fourth round with all the big names, like TMF/Roger and I can't remember who else...oh yeah, Rafael Nadal. Hahaha. Whatevs.

4. I'm fucking tired lah. I walked out of Conflicts seminar drained as hell and walked into State Building presentation drained as hell and a few minutes later I had a headache. I can't wait to get this done and over with.

5. I brought my Jurong Junior windbreaker to school today in a bid to keep myself warm. Somehow I remember it being really warm and comfy in JC, especially in the crazy freezer otherwise known as LT5. (LT5, though, has NOTHING on all the crazy-ass freezers in law school, like Seminar Room 3 where I have UN Law every Monday.) When I actually wore it? I still felt damn cold. And it's a size L which means it's really huge (it's size L male, obviously) and so it didn't even look good. Never again.

6. I woke up at 7.30 to wash my hair because I was sick of going to school with ugly bed hair on Monday, my longest day of the week. My vanity actually trumped my laziness. I'm so amazed.

7. My eyebags are getting so out of hand, it's not funny. I feel like buying the ZA eye mask thing to try. Hmm.

8. Fucking tired.

Tags: law school, random, roger federer, tennis

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