anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Pupillage is Expensive.

Four of us pupils cabbed to the Subordinate Courts from The Firm today to submit PLC/pupillage forms. I paid for the fare - $4. The Firm said we could claim. I went back to the office, did some work, and forgot about it until I came home. When I remembered, I thought, "Aiya whatever it's only $4. I can't be bothered."

That is $4 on top of the $3.80 I spent cabbing from the Sub Courts back to Raffles Place.

Mag and I met for lunch and we ate at Coffee Club. That was $10-something.

On Monday Rui, Audrey, Quan Quan and I ate at Soup Spoon (for the record, I would like to reiterate my hatred for Soup Spoon. NEVER. AGAIN. I gave it a second chance. It failed. It can go fly a kite) and it cost about $11.

Yesterday we had a 3.5 hour lunch break and we went around City Hall buying clothes and shoes. I bought a bag and a pair of pants. Then after work I went to West Mall's G2000 and bought three new skirts (I LOVE a-line skirts; they look awesome on me. I don't look good in pants) and another pair of pants, plus a short-sleeves dark green shirt and a long-sleeves blue stripes on white one. That cost my mom a few hundred dollars.

That is all on top of the $200 I already spent on the two black bottoms and two white shirts a few days before pupillage started.

In conclusion, therefore, pupillage is expensive. Thx u.


Okay I was gonna write more...BUT ROGER'S MATCH IS STARTING!!!

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