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I need to stop donating money to cab drivers.

I wish I could blog in Chinese.

Random thought.

Anyway, I'm so tired. But the ironic thing is, I'm not actually tired from work, not entirely; I'm tired from going out after work. And it was just dinner that I decided on last-minute when I was finally done with the super simple research my boss tasked me to do (made complicated by the fact that...civil procedure is Greek to me), after which I sped-read through a file for which I have to draft a writ of summons by tomorrow. By the time I was done speed-typing my summaries of the various cases for the research, and speed-reading a new one I found (which was SO STUPID I almost started swearing at the hard copy in front of me. The things people fight over - all I can say is, get a fucking life), my brain felt so dead, I really felt like packing up to leave at 6. I mean, that's the official go-home time,'s not the actual go-home time.

In any case, I thought I should make my work a little bit less hellish tomorrow by reading the file before I went home. Get out the facts. Which I did, kinda - or at least, I now know where to frantically flip to when I'm modifying the template writ my boss nicely emailed to me. I have to get it done by tomorrow afternoon when she gets back to the office.

Oh. My. God.

She wanted me to go to court at first in the morning, but when she asked me if I could finish the writ in the afternoon, I immediately told her honestly, "No I can't, I'm really slow."

Because I am. Especially when I don't dare to surf the net at work 'cause my screen faces the corridor and everyone can see what I'm doing. I cannot focus on something for an extended period of time, which is why I drift off sometimes and start staring at the list of phone numbers on my bulletin board (the only thing on that board) and start staring into space. That is also why, after 1 hour of concentrating on finishing the research task, my brain melted and died. Died and melted. Whatever. This is also why when I study - the rare instances in which I studied - I tend to focus for maybe 10 minutes, then surf the net for an hour. But that worked for me, didn't it? Too bad I can't do the same thing at work.

What was I talking about? Shit, I can't remember. I'm lazy to scroll up. Oh right, I was talking about my slowness. So yeah, I'm really slow. And there's just no way in hell I'd be able to draft the writ if I went to court tomorrow morning.

Besides, IT'S DRESS DOWN FRIDAY. Been looking forward to wearing jeans and flats the whole week! My feet have been so abused, I don't even know where to start plastering my wounds. And so I just don't bother except for the back part. Stupid shoes. Stupid Singapore.

I'm so sleepy. I was actually intending to stay behind a bit longer today to make up for yesterday, but seriously, after that one hour's worth of concentration, I just died. I didn't even really feel like staying until 7 and wanted to leave at 6, but I didn't think I could finish my work if I did, so I stayed until 7.

I almost died. At 6 I was so hungry I ate two of the dousha (what the hell is dousha in English?!) pastries that my boss gave me. And I don't even like dousha. But I was freaking starving. I'm shocked I didn't get gastric, but then, I suffered indigestion the whole of yesterday - which happens all the time every time I change environment, i.e. start working or whatever. I'm extremely prone to weird stomach problems.

Anyway, I had no dinner 'cause I told my mom I wasn't going home for dinner, and I didn't feel like eating by myself 'cause that's super sad, and so I took the MRT to Newton where I thought I'd hop on 171 to Rail Mall where Tong said he'd be at, and he had something to give me anyway. I thought I'd hop on the bus, and I really did want to try to take the bus, but fuck, FUCK, the first two buses - non-171 buses - came and they were so congested with people crammed against the fucking door, and 171 didn't even arrive before I decided, Fuck this bus shit, I'm taking a cab.

Dammit I'm so broke. Shit. I need a boyfriend who can drive and has a car. You know the other day I cabbed back to Raffles Place from the Sub Courts 'cause I was too lazy to walk that long walk from the NEL to the NS line at Dhoby Gaut interchage? And I was also too lazy to walk all the way to Dhoby Gaut even though it wasn't that far? And I still haven't claimed my $4 cab fare. IT'S FOUR DOLLARS. I don't know if that's a lot or not a lot.

Oh, and the cab driver kept telling me these not-funny jokes, and every single time he told me a new one he'd ask me the same damn question. An example:

Cab driver: Do you know what ERP stands for? (I don't know how to write broken English.)
Me: Um, eletronic road pricing?
Cab driver: Ha ha ha NO you think it does ah? It stands for...

Shit I forgot what he said it stood for. Let me try again:

Cab driver: Do you know what LTA stands for? (I don't know how to write broken English.)
Me: Um, land transport authority?
Cab driver: Ha ha ha NO you think it does ah? It stands for "long time arsehole".

And then he'd laugh and laugh, and give me more acronyms to "guess", and after a while I got so tired of saying the correct one that I just started saying "I don't know". Towards the end of the journey he started saying some weird shit about how he hoped I wasn't being badly influenced by him, and that I wouldn't go to work the next day telling people his jokes. When I reached Rail Mall he said some super weird shit. I honestly don't even remember how the HELL this even cropped up, but he said something about how I'm pretty and that he'd see me again.


Sometimes I'm really quite afraid to take the taxi by myself at night. And I really didn't like the white shirt I was wearing. It's a bit too big on me. And it was the same white shirt I wore on Monday, but of course no one can tell 'cause these damn white shirts all look the same.

Anyway, dinner at Harry's sucked. A lot. The company wasn't half bad. Okay the company was excellent. Let's leave it at that.

Good thing, though, that they were showing tennis and I got to half-watch Safina, who won, of course. How can she lose? She's gonna be the female counterpart to Roger's French Open champion. Totally. Roger's also totally playing Del Pot tomorrow which means...AN EXHIBITION MATCH. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

My lunch was useless. The stupid Banquet food court was packed, as usual, and we sat down at the chicken rice place where there were free seats. One might have wondered why at first, but after I swallowed my food, it became clear: The food sucks. I ordered some stupid seafood fried rice and didn't eat any of the seafood (Rui and Ping Ying ate my prawns and squid for me). Then Rui voiced what I was thinking, that I wasn't full. At all.

But I thought I should stop stuffing my face just in case I fell asleep even more at work. I was TOTALLY falling asleep in the morning you know. It was so bad. I woke up at 7 this morning because I freaking couldn't wake up, and in the morning I was just totally dying. And it didn't help that a couple of the damn cases had some stupid shares thing going on. Like, who understands these things? The reason I took all those electives in law school, besides interest, was also because I wanted to avoid all these company law/shares/corporate...stuff. I mean. Ugh. I don't even know what to say.

On the train this morning my freaking toes were totally dying and I couldn't take it anymore and took off my shoes and stood barefoot on the train. Guess who I was inspired by? RUISHAN. I texted her to tell her my accomplishment and she was proud of me. I'm proud of myself too.

My two big toes really feel like the blood circulation has been cut off. Shit. Can't wait to go back to my trusty, comfy Adidas flats tomorrow. I still haven't decided on what to wear. Hmm.

Okay have to go shower and sleep. I'm so sleepy.

Lana's chocolate cake is suuuuper great. Yummy. I'm so gonna get fat. Thx u.

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