anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

(Roland Garros 2009) Federer d. Del Potro 3-6, 7-6, 2-6, 6-1, 6-4


Roger gave Potty one free set.

How nice of you Roger, being so generous. The charity drive, however, stops here. I want to sleep. I'm damn sleepy. Stop wasting time, thx u.


12.29 a.m.:

This match really sucks. I'm sleepy - extremely sleepy - and hot and sticky and I haven't showered and I'm waiting for Roger to win so that I can shower and sleep, but he's taking forever. It's Del Pot he's playing, and he needed a tie-break to win the second.

To be fair, Del Pot's serving is crazy good today. His aggressive shots are also mostly finding their marks, and he's controlling most of the rallies. Roger hasn't got a chance to play his game - but he will. And once he does, Del Pot's gonna be blown off the court - again. It's a tad embarrassing Roger let Del Pot take a set off him (before this Del Pot's never won a set against Roger in 5 matches) but I don't care how he gets the win as long as he gets it.

Actually, he better do it fast. I'm really really really very tired, to the extent I don't even know what the hell I'm writing in my text messages. Yep.

GO ROGER. The French Open is yours for the taking.

First, you need to beat Potty.


1.06 a.m.:


What an atrocious match. Two free sets given away. What the fuck. Roger is...

I'm too tired to even think about this. Going to shower. Whatever happens, happens. Too bad for you, Rog. Perhaps Pot is...gasp, just too good.


1.37 a.m.:

I turned on my air-con after I showered, thinking Roger was going to lose and thus I could sleep.

He just got the break in the fourth set.

AHHHHH. Stupid ass match.


2.37 a.m.:

I really thought he was going to lose.

But he won. Despite playing like shit for two sets, he still won.


Pot played way better than expected. I sorely underestimated him. Roger had no chance to do his exhibition thing, hence the stupid long match. Sleepy now.

I was recording the match outside after I went into my parents room for the air-con, and I stupidly turned off the fucking cable box. SHIT. From the point Roger got the first break in the fourth set onwards, I recorded nothing but blackness. STUPID STUPID ME.

Oh well. Too bad.

I'm really. Super. Tired. Going to sleep now.

Tags: french open, juan martin del potro, roger federer, tennis

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