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Now playing (np): "Hands Clean" by Alanis Morissette in my head.

I fear that I'm becoming sentimental. I was watching "The Wheel of Fortune" 5 hours ago, and this puzzle popped up under the category "Phrase", if I'm not wrong. Some man/woman solved it: "...and Juliet is the sun." Obviously from "Romeo and Juliet". Upon hearing that I let out this pathetic and embarrassingly audible sigh that was supposed to proclaim my awe for Shakespeare's incredible language, but I suspect there is something else in that tone. Something foreign. Something I am so not used to.

I could excuse it, if I was hearing it escape from Leonardo DiCaprio's lips to Claire Danes' ears in Baz Lurhamn's (sp) version of the play, but that was not the case; I saw it on fucking "Wheel of Fortune"! Could we be any more pathetic?

Another instance when the same thing happened. I was reading my guestbook, and under the "post a poem etc" section, someone quoted this: "No man is ever worth your tears, and the one that is won't make you cry." (Something like that.) It's that sigh again, that weird feeling again. Frankly, it unnerves me.

All this bullshit is coming from the same girl who declared that she didn't need a guy to fill the void in her life. I am the same girl who didn't really care that she's been on only one date thus far, and that date was an absolute disaster. I am the same girl who rolls her eyes at fellow classmates who write stupid things like "love hurts" on their tables. I am the same girl who turns her nose down at people like her ex-best friend, who cried on her shoulders one fine day in 1999 when she found out that the guy that she likes already has a girlfriend.

I am the same girl that laughs at people who cry during lame romantic comedies, the same girl who thinks romantics are retarded, the same girl who thinks romance novels are redundant, the same girl who -- did I mention this? -- declared that she does not need a guy in her life to make her feel complete, because she is obviously broken.

Typing "broken" reminded me of Humpty Dumpty. Is it just me, or do nursery rhymes have a kind of dark undertone to them? For example Humpty Dumpty. It goes, "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall/Humpty Dumpty had a great fall/All the king's horses and all the king's men/Could not put Humpty back together again."

Why is it that Humpty laid broken into bits at the end of the rhyme? Why couldn't the king's men use, like, superglue or something to glue him back together? And why must that dumb fuck fall in the first place? Is he that heavy? Or perhaps he's too unbalanced that he can't even sit on a bloody wall properly? And if that's the case, why did he choose to sit on the wall in the first place? Is he, like, suicidal?

Actually, the important question is...why didn't that rhyme end happy?

Well anyway. Talk about going off a tangent...but yeah. I'm very concerned about myself. I'm starting to become a sap, and I don't like it.

On a different note, I watched the NBA All-stars match. Peja Stojakovic (Sto-ah-koh-vich; I struggled with that pronounciation for weeks) played, but only for a short while. He missed quite a lot of his jumpers. My dad was watching, and I started squealing like a crazed teenybopper when the announcer introduced him before the game actually started. I think Peja attempted about...7? 8? shots altogether, and out of that 7 or 8, he made only 5 shots. A couple of them were air balls, as in the ball didn't even touch the rim of the basket, or even the board for that matter. It's obviously not a good thing. So when my dad was in the room and lovely Peja attempted to shoot, he'd miss. When Dad was out of the room and Peja attempted to shoot, he'd make it. So Dad was laughing at Peja's air ball. I was not happy about it.

Actually, Peja attempted more than 8. I forgot the lay-ups, which he also missed. My dad laughed at that too. It's not that funny, okay? But yeah. Western conference won. You know, Peja's team, with the brilliant Tim Duncan (of the Spurs? God, he's great) and like, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, whom in my humblest opinion should switch to either the Spurs or the Kings. Michael Jordan played for the Eastern conference. They lost. 120-ish to 100-ish. Ha!

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