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The wonders that Roger Federer is capable of + I am soooo bored.

A. Roger Federer ramblings

(Hahahaha Roger Federer = the new David Cook. Except I was WAY more obsessed with David than I am with TMF (The Man Fed).)

I was randomly surfing YouTube Roger videos and came across some really awesome stuff. Video titles are the original YouTube titles.

Best shot ever
(TMF is the one in grey)


OH MY GOD. How did he return that shot?!

Roger Federer trick
(Rog's the one in blue)

He hit the ball back between his legs. OH MY GOD.

Only Roger Federer can do
(My husband is the one in the black shorts)

He missed the ball at the net, it bounced back, and he ran back to return it and he got it. OH MY GOD! Would've been perfect if he'd scored the point, but oh well.

He's playing tomorrow morning at 2.30 a.m.! Yay more Roger to watch.

Also? BLOODY HELL SAM QUERRY WHY DIDN'T YOU BEAT RAFAEL NADAL! YOU CAME SO CLOSE. DAMMIT. DAMN YOU! That would have and could have been the biggest upset, like, EVER!

So call me chicken, but I'm not looking forward to a Federer/Nadal final. This is mostly because I'd be damn scared that he'd lose. And I don't want Roger to lose. He needs to win his US Open title, he needs to win his first grand slam of 2008, HE NEEDS TO BE WORLD #1 AGAIN TO SET THINGS RIGHT. I can't deny that Nadal is a great player, but he just doesn't have the It that Federer has. Federer moves with grace and effortlessness and his control of the game is awe-inspiring. There is even something intellectual and cerebral about the way he plays tennis. Nadal, on the other hand, is all muscle and power and brawn. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but...Federer is quite seriously just in a class of his own. HE'S AMAZING. And he should be back as World #1.


B. In Yelen-related news

My hair is becoming quite gross. I foresee the need to perm it again in couple of months' time. BAH. Maybe I should just save the money, hassle and hair damage and let it revert to its natural state again. I dunno.

I haven't finished writing up the things I'm gonna say for the presentation tomorrow. Have I mentioned that this has been my most gruelling and hardcore presentation, like, ever? We met this morning at TEN A.M. and only broke at THREE P.M. when me and another girl had to go for class. We met last Thursday, last Friday, and Monday evening as well. OH MY GOD. I just wanna die.

I don't know how else to say this, so I'll just say it: I can't complain about the fact that men look at me. It's nice to be able to walk into a room and be noticed by simply walking into the room. It's also nice to get the things that I want by using my physical appearance to my advantage.

But what I CAN complain about is the fact that the only men that seem to look at me are like, middle-aged men around my dad's age. AND THAT IS JUST DAMN GROSS. One of my friends told me about how this Indian security guard at school constantly stared at her whenever she came to school and that's exactly what I'm talking about. There's attention, and then there's creepiness. Okay, so I haven't experienced Indian Security Guard level of creepiness yet (apparently he does it all the time), but if my recent trips to the canteen are any indications at all, maybe it's time to wear jeans and a baggy t-shirt to school every day. Today I wore a short skirt 'cause I didn't feel like wearing jeans all the time, and I actually felt, for once in my life, that my skirt was a tad too short. Then I went to the canteen to get coffee and this table of middle-aged men looked up at me and didn't look away. I swear - I felt positively violated. And don't tell me I shouldn't have worn the short skirt because I think people who say that girls who wear revealing clothes are just asking to be raped should just go and die. Seriously.

I was thinking it'd be nice to see the barefooted ang moh guy who ran up the stairs to open the door for me on Friday, but to be honest, I don't really remember what he looks like. Even if I did see him in school, I probably wouldn't even know.

I'm so bored oh my god. I'm so bored that I got a kick out of the three-second, nonchalant eye-contact I made with this cute German guy in one of my intensive classes (that have since ended so I can't see him three times a week anymore. How sad). Seriously, how lame is that? I happily sat directly behind him for the last two weeks of classes. There was this one time in class, last week or something, he wanted to charge his laptop but there was no power points where he was sitting. He turned back to where I was sitting, held up his charger, and asked, "Is there um, energy?"

HAHAHA I wanted to laugh but I bit it back and told him that it was taken. I haven't heard that one before.

Anyway, what the fuck, I need to do my presentation shit. I'm just going to stop talking about it before I start bitching about the same things I bitched about already.


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