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Roger Federer grinds out victory at US Open

Yay that he won, but that was expected. What wasn't expected was the fact that he won after FIVE SETS. OMGGG WTF. So distressing. I need to watch the match. I was hoping he'd advance to the quarters without losing a single set and trump Nadal in that department (he won Querry after four sets) but nooooo. I'm so scared he's not going to win. WHY DO I EVEN CARE. Ugh.

In other news, my presentation is over! I stumbled over a lot of words and phrases when reading from the stuff I prepared because I still don't seem to realise that speech and writing are two different things. I wrote my script the way I'd write an essay so I was up there reading out these long sentences that are hard to deliver verbally, but sound SO good on paper. I hate presentations.

We watched The Battle of Algiers before that. I think the reason why I thought it was very pro-Algeria was because I am sympathetic to independence movements. It was a good film, though a tad boring and the subtitles couldn't be seen half the time (they were white and the film was black-and-white so sometimes it was white on white). A lot of the issues that were dealt with in the film are still very relevant today. The scene in which the Algerian rebels blew up a couple of night clubs instantly reminded me of what happened in Israel (Tel-Aviv, I think) a few years ago. The film was really effective in sucking you into the thick of things, so that I couldn't help but wonder what it'd be like if I was ever caught in a situation, in the middle of a terrorist bombing. I don't know, it was kind of sad, people killing each other. It won't ever stop, would it?

Oh well. I'm going to watch tennis now. I hope I don't get too frustrated over Roger's performance! I hope it wasn't a matter of him playing badly, but his opponent playing well.

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