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I hate make-up.

What the fuck, I woke up all excited to find out who Fedex's gonna face for the final and it turned out the Murray/Nadal match has been delayed until 4 p.m. Sunday, eastern standard time. WAHHHHHH ARE YOU SHITTING MEEEEE. Why must it rain in New York? And how ironic is it that it suddenly rained in New York when a British player was on the brink of winning? (You know, Britain and rain kind of go hand-in-hand.)

This doesn't bode well for Andy, methinks. He was on a roll with the 2-0 lead and even though Rafa was up for a break point when they paused the match, I can't see him losing the whole match after winning the first two sets with the momentum of winning the first two sets. But now that both players have the chance to rest before resuming the match...I really think it's a toss-up. It's effectively a brand new match and there's every chance of Nadal bagging the last three sets and therefore winning.

Bleah, how terrible. The only good thing that will come out of that scenario is that Roger is apparently masochistic and he's said that he prefers to play Nadal in the final. NO ROGER!!! I won't be able to get through watching a Federer/Nadal match live without suffering a few cardiac arrests every game point, every break point, every break point that Fed's trying to save! I almost died watching the match against Novak and I swear, during the second set I was convinced that I was gonna have to cry myself to sleep. But of course, when Roger hit that amazing amazing amazingggg overhead return to Djovokic's smash that really shouldn't have been returned, I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to sleep later on because I'd be all excited. (Turned out to be rather true, actually.)

Okay, it'll be nice if Roger can take revenge for Wimbledon but a match up against Nadal still scares me muchly. I just found out that Roger had mono early this year which is apparently why he hasn't been playing like he used to. Maybe that's why he lost the Australian Open semi to Djokovic and the Wimbledon final to Nadal. BUTTT I'm sure he can kick Nadal's ass no matter what because he's FedEx.

Just one last thing to gush over: I find it absolutely adorable how Roger bites his bottom lip when he serves. I find his accent absolutely adorable too. And he's not one to grunt when he plays, but there are times when he lets out a small grunt when he serves - and that is absolutely adorable too.

He's the perfect, perfect specimen of a man, have I said that already?


In other news, I forgot to mention this yesterday but I went for this makeover thing at Shiseido on Friday. They were having some promotion; you paid $68 for a Shiseido voucher and they did your face, your hair, and took a nice picture of you with a Toshiba laptop cover to enter into a contest for a Toshiba laptop. Awesome, right? I really want to win the laptop so when the contest opens I'm going to make all my friends vote for me to win. It's a light pink laptop! It's so pretty! My Acer is as old as I am a law student, and like me, it's slowly disintegrating and malfunctioning. It breaks my heart, really, so to make me feel better, vote for me to win the damn laptop.

Anyway, that makeover experience finally convinced me that I have zero interest in make-up. Granted, it looked pretty after it was done, but damn, I felt fucking wayang. I didn't feel like myself, like, at all, and when the girl was putting the eyeshadow and mascara and whatever else on, I felt like I was dying. I was absolutely petrified that she was going to poke my eyeball or that some of the substance was going to get into my eyes (which would have been really problematic since I wear contacts), especially when she was doing the lower eyelid. I was really, really, really scared, and at the back of my mind I was wondering if my face would dissolve and melt from all the foreign substance that was being applied to it. I have this irrational fear of putting unknown and strange substances on my face which is why I never use other people's facial products even when I'm in need of them.

But the application process wasn't even nearly a third as bad as the removal process. I went home that night after two Mojitos and it was about 1 a.m. when I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and get ready to sleep. So I went into my parents' bathroom to remove the gunk since the remover was in there.

It was just awful. There is no other way to describe it. I rubbed my face with the remover and after about ten seconds, my face started burning. It was really uncomfortable and I was afraid that I was having some weird allergic reaction so I hurriedly cleaned it off with water and toilet paper, for serious. Then came the part where I had to get the shit off my eyes.

OH. MY. GOD. I ALMOST DIED. I REALLY DID. IT TOOK ABOUT TEN MILLION FOREVERS, and my legs were hurting from the cocktail, and I had to rub the remover really hard across the eyelids and at the same time make sure that I didn't get anything into my eyes.

Well, it didn't work. I got make-up remover into my left eye and it fucking hurt like hell. It stung like hell. I felt so irritated and miserable and I think that was the precise point in which I decided that I never wanted to go through the amazing hassle and irritation of removing make-up ever, ever again. I think it took me a good twenty minutes to get the mascara and eyeshadow off, and it actually reached a point when I couldn't even tell anymore if my eyelashes were just naturally dark, or if there was still mascara left.

In the end I couldn't be bothered anymore and just washed my face and went to sleep. The makeover did look fairly decent I guess, but I still think I look much better without make-up, and I definitely feel a lot more myself with my natural face on. And I kept feeling like my eyelashes were sticking together whenever I blinked due to the mascara, so yeah, it was tres uncomfortable, I can't be bothered, I'm not interested, and I believe so much more in my natural face than anything artificial and fake that fashion magazines and the cosmetic industry try to shove down my throat, thank you very much.

(Unrelated side note: WTF Livejournal is damn slow. What the hell is wrong with it.)

On another note, I wish it's my birthday again 'cause I want a tennis racquet. Not only do I want a tennis racquet, I want the one that Roger uses. HAHAHAHA. Okay, I'm kidding.

I'm going to stop writing this stupid post and do my UN Law readings now.

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