anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Can't be bothered to think of a title.

I just re-watched the entire Roger/Andy final from start to finish, including the trophy ceremony. I even rewound a few of Roger's brilliant plays a few times to get a better look at them.

I might have to go watch it again for the third time. I'm depressed. Okay, I exaggerate, but I'm not really in the best of moods right now. Maybe I can cajole my mom into going to Vivo City with me. I do need to pick up another bottle of the curl cream thingy from the salon because apparently it's only sold in salons, wtf. It's for my hair, obviously.

I can't believe I just watched a tennis match twice. I feel like watching the Olympics gold medal doubles match again but I don't have a copy. And I think we need to buy a DVD-R ASAP because my tape was completely giving out on me with all those weird flashes across the screen. It was most disturbing.

I wanted to go to school today to print my notes but yeah, I'm too lazy. And there is no sun today. I don't feel like swimming anymore.


Edit: My mom doesn't want to go to Vivo. GRAH.

Tags: andy murray, angst, random, roger federer, tennis, us open

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