anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,


I want to learn tennis quite desperately. Anyone knows where I can find a coach/take lessons? I wish my condo had a tennis court. Damn.

Along the same vein, if anyone wants to learn with me, please do.


Edited to add:


Novak Djokovic is such a ham. I completely cracked up at the Nadal impersonation (check out the part where Novak pulls down his
shorts to make them as long as Nadal's bermudas! Novak wears briefs!), and couldn't stop laughing when he did Roddick (the way he scrunched up his sleeves was SOOOOO Roddick, as was the way he leaped around like a monkey. HAHAHA). When he got to Roger, I almost fell off my chair. The head shaking (imitation of the way Roger shakes his hair off his face), the exaggerated one leg kick to the back with the backhand (which Roger does), the spinning of the racquet and the every-two-seconds inspection (which, yes, Roger does too) - soooo spot on. Too bad he didn't impersonate Roger's serves; the lip bite would've been even more hilarious.

It IS quite telling, though, that Novak couldn't help but imitate Roger's racquet-clap of victory and quasi-royal wave to the crowd. Because Roger Federer is totally a champion. Like, duh.

This was the hardest I've laughed all day. I have no choice but to grudgingly like Novak Djokovic now. Just - too funny. Too freaking funny.

Tags: andy roddick, novak djokovic, rafael nadal, roger federer, tennis, videos

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