anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

A stupid dream.

I had the dumbest and scariest dream ever. I actually dreamt that Switzerland lost the Davis Cup play-off, happening this weekend, to Belgium, and that Roger won all his matches except the doubles with Wawrinka.

I also dreamt that I called some number on a Roger website and when a woman picked up, I asked, "Hi, may I know if Roger is still around?"

The woman went, "He's watching a movie right now."

I went on to ask her if she had any idea when the Davis Cup matches were going to be shown on TV. She told me to check with my local TV programming.

Quite clearly I've lost my mind. But I do want to watch the Switzerland matches. Too bad no one cares about play-offs when there's a semi-final happening on the same weekend (that I can't watch!!! ARGHHHHH. Tonight 6 to 12. BOO. Okay at least the one tonight is Nadal v Querry which I don't want to watch since I saw bits of it already at the US Open, but I think Nadal v Roddick is Sunday and I'm watching Law IV. WTF WTF WTF. This really sucks. And I don't want to watch doubles lah WAH LAUUUU. Can they shift Nadal v Roddick to Saturday!!!!).

Anyway, I'm SUPER addicted to Elven Blood, but I think they ought to at least give me a rough estimate of how much damage I'm going to receive when I embark on certain quests. I tried doing some dance of death shit with full life and full stamina, just to DIE at the end of it. And since my life takes forever to recharge, it means I have to wait super long before I can do something else and it's just annoying. I hate waiting, have I mentioned that? It's awful.

I need to shower. I'm so lazy, I don't feel like leaving the house.
Tags: davis cup, dreams, roger federer

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