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Singapore. What a great nation.

It's slightly annoying that Tony Tan is Singapore's new elected president, but I'm not even nearly as gutted as I was over the General Elections results. To some extent, I'm slightly bummed that I've been robbed of the chance to have a good laugh over Tan Jee Say being our next president, but I suppose that was a fantasy that was never going to come true.

But really, who the hell gives a shit? The president does nothing. Nothing. Sure, he goes overseas to meet foreign dignatories, but so does the foreign minister, presumably. If this is so important, shouldn't we get a direct say about who represents the country abroad too? Nope, we don't - the foreign minister is appointed from the party that the population elects into office. What makes the president any different? Do I really care who waves at National Day Parade when I don't watch that junk in the first place?

I half-contemplated not going down to vote at all until I heard that Tan Jee Say was given the certificate of eligibility. Then, I knew that I had to vote for him; there was no one else. Sure, Tan Cheng Bock lost by a measly 0.34%, and sure, he would have won if the voters who voted for Tan Jee Say voted for Tan Cheng Bock; but guess what? There's no way in hell I would vote differently even with the benefit of hindsight. I appreciate that Tan Cheng Bock isn't a typical ex-PAP MP; but I just can't vote for anyone with even the slightest PAP affiliation. Yeah, so I'm hardcore anti-PAP, and I will continue to take this stance until something finally happens in this country.

It's all well and good to say that the vote should be an informed one; that I should know the candidates/the party and what they stand for and agree with what they stand for before I vote for them; but since when was Singapore a mature democracy? We're run by idiots, we're overflowing with idiots, and the quasi-dictator that made Singapore this way still refuses to really, really, REALLY retire from politics even though he's over 80. I really wish that I could vote for someone that I've listened to, whose message(s) I've digested, whom I can actually say I agree with because I listened to him; but why even bother? The incumbent is so-called because it always fucking wins, even the largely-ceremonial presidential seat, even if symbolically at best.

Shoot me for taking the radical position; but this is where I am going to remain until real change finally comes our way. (Even then, I'm no fan of the Workers' Party.) This presidential election is largely meaningless to me, but it was still a chance to stick it to the PAP. In that respect, I'm slightly annoyed that Tony Tan won.

Apart from that, though, I'd be fucked if I could actually give a shit.


On another but slightly related note, some "young PAP supporter" tried to add me as a friend on Facebook. I've no idea who this joker is. He probably read my comment on The Online Citizen's status update about that Workers' Party rumour and thought that I supported the PAP. HAHAHAHA. I had half a mind to send him a message lambasting the brainless positions he adopted, evident from his stupid comments on various TOC status updates, before I rejected his friend request, but what's the damn point? You can't speak intelligently to people who have nothing up there.

Besides, you have to wonder why some PAP supporter even follows TOC. Surely it can't be for the TOC's positive coverage of the PAP.


I would also like to expand on my earlier comment that Singapore is overrun with idiots. I have two things to say in this regard:

1. I was following #sgpresident on Twitter last night. The amount of stupid, overdone and not-funny "Tan" jokes was simply incredible; and

2. I had a good laugh over the comments on TOC's status update about the WP rumour. It was hilarious how most of them were lambasting TOC for spreading a rumour. You can bet that if the rumour had cast a PAP leader in a bad light as opposed to WP's Low Thia Khiang, the comments would have been of a very different nature. In other words, most people would be blasting the PAP and not TOC.

Okay gotta run. Would love to say more but Wei Chuen is on his way to pick me up for his church dinner.
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