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A rant-y entry.



In other news, some thoughts about the US Open, including a few rants that I forgot to write in my earlier entry:

1. Goddamn Americans. What is it with Americans and their self-obsession, leading to their seeming chronic inability to pronounce European names? I cringed through the entire Tobias Kamke match because the bloody American commentator kept calling him "cam-key". Are you kidding me? Just last night some genius actually called Monfils "mon-fills" about ten times in a row before he corrected himself. I listened to the US Open radio as they announced the draw and another genius called Nicolas Mahut "ma-hoot". OM. FG. He's French. How can it be "ma-hoot"?

I give the ang mohs a pass on the Chinese names; only Chinese people can pronounce Chinese names correctly, and some Chinese people can't even do it. The European names, though, not so much. Tennis, being the international sport that it is, inevitably features players with non-English names. I'd think that it's the least a commentator can do, since he's getting paid to talk trash during a tennis match (that I'd rather mute if I had the choice), to learn how to pronounce the names of the players whose match they will be commentating on. Isn't that basic?

And why is it that in my tennis-watching experience, it's ALWAYS the Americans who commit the most heinous pronunciation errors? And somehow, tennis is much more enjoyable commentated by someone without an American accent.

2. On a similar note, fucking US Open commentators are all damn annoying. I don't know why they'll be talking about Roger Federer during a women's match. It doesn't make any sense. I wish they'd stick to what's happening on court, and when there's nothing happening, just keep your mouths shut. I'm not interested in hearing silly conversations about who will be president if the ATP were a country or whatever. WHO FUCKING CARES. HOW IS THAT REMOTELY INTERESTING. Oh god I really wish I could just mute the commentary and keep the rest of the sound on. Can someone please invent this technology now?

Are commentators of other sports as insipid?

3. Speaking of insipid, I laughed my ass off at the ESPN "experts" who picked Andy Roddick as a sleeper in the men's draw. Have they not been watching tennis? Why are these people paid to publish rubbish? Why am I not being paid to publish better-informed rubbish? Fucking unfair world.

4. On another note, while I love that the US Open coverage tries to cover as many matches as possible, I hate it when they cut off Roger's match. I stayed up last night to watch him play his 1 a.m. Singapore time match. I got the entire first set, then they cut to the end of the Monfils/Ferrero first set, when Ferrero served at 6-5. Predictably he got broken after a few deuces, so they showed the entire tie-break, and then went back to Roger's second set. It took Monfils and Fererro one long game and a tie-break for Roger to get to 5-2 in the second set. All I watched of the second set was Roger serving for the set.

That was still okay, as Monfils/Ferrero was quite interesting. It was NOT okay when Roger started the third set and they cut to Andrea fucking Horse Face Petkovic whom I cannot stand against Insignificant Chinese Player Zheng Jie ("zhng zheee" according to ang mohs). Mr Topspin said it right: They cut Roger's time to show these two clowns? Petkovic's face pisses me off, as does her grunt, and I just can't stand her in general. She's one of the rare players whom I dislike immensely on sight, and it didn't help that she beat Sharapova in this year's Australian Open fourth round and had to do her fucking retarded and ugly "Petko-dance" after that. What the fuck is that shit? Anyway, predictably, the two clowns couldn't close the other out and when Petkovic finally broke back and held serve and all that crap, as if anyone gave a crap, Roger was...SERVING. FOR. THE. MATCH.

I got to watch matchpoint. Literally. I got one set, the last game in the second set (and it didn't even start from the first point) and the last point of the match. Wow. I stayed up until 2.30 a.m. for this? Next time he gets a day match, I'm gonna record it and fast-forward through all the nonsense.


I don't really feel like writing about anything else. I'm kind of bored at the moment. I think I'm going for a swim. I haven't lost any weight at all. This is absolutely atrocious.

Wei Chuen has been too busy for me. This is really sad. I guess this is how he felt when I was working.

Oh, as usual, it's really very hot.

Lastly, I bought an essential oil burner and some home fragrances and now my room spells like a spa every night. It's awesome.
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