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Last night, when I went to bed at 2ish a.m. after finding myself unable to keep my eyes open anymore for tennis, I heard a strange, rather loud sound just as I was about to fall asleep. It was a weird scraping sound, like a coarse brush being dragged against a rough surface.

I was already almost asleep when I faintly heard the sound, jolting me awake. What unnerved me, apart from not knowing what it was, what produced it, where it came from, was how loud it was - meaning it could not have come from the roads outside, or somewhere downstairs. Meaning it must have been produced in my room.

I tried to convince myself that I hadn't actually heard it; that maybe I imagined hearing it as I was tired enough to be close to falling asleep. That nearly worked - until I heard it again.

This time round, I was literally frozen in fear. I was unable to move for a good ten minutes, my back turned to where the sound appeared to have been made, frozen in the position that I was in when I tried going back to sleep before hearing it again, staring into the darkness. My body started heating up; I couldn't even move to adjust the blanket.

There was another night when I heard the buzz of a beetle's wings when I was trying to sleep. That freaked me out for a bit too. Last night's phantom sound, though, instilled fear in me that I'd never felt. I didn't know what the sound was; I didn't know what produced it; the room was dark and I was turned away from the room; I couldn't see; and I couldn't move. I was mentally screaming at myself to move, to move, to turn on the light.

I don't know how long I was frozen in that position; probably 15 minutes. Eventually, I forced myself to get up and turn on the light. There was nothing there. I couldn't even spot an insect or, I don't know, a giant lizard.

I went out to watch some tennis to calm myself down. I was very, VERY tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. The living room was too uncomfortable. I went back to my room, checked it again, saw nothing; then I slept with the light on.


In other news, Roger steamrolled Juan Monaco today, reaching his 30th consecutive quarter-final in a grand slam.

They had to wait for the horrible Wozniacki/Kuznetsova match to end before they could play. When the horrible match ended after 3 hours, it was about 11.40 p.m. Roger and Monaco took the court at about 11.50 p.m.

I predicted that he'd be in such a hurry to get off the court and get to bed that he'd only give Monaco 3 games. I was right: he wiped the court with Monaco, 6-1, 6-2, 6-0.

6-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't remember the last time Roger bagelled an opponent. I felt bad for Monaco as it was evident that he really tried out there, but there was nothing he could do, and I rooted for the bagel.

I hope Roger gives Tsonga the same treatment. I'm definitely not expecting an assault of a similar scoreline, but please, a respectable 3-set victory is all I'm asking for. Haha.
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